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  • World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)

    Netherlands - Costa Rica

    pownage - Home (Match) @ 1.49 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    missed 1,50 odds here but nvm. netherlands with a huge morale boost after their 2 last minute goals against mexico. im 100% sure they will win this with their fast counter-attacks, costa rica cant defend this 90 minutes. they played poorly against greece and they went with 10 in overtime. this game costed a lot of ressources. it could be a close 1-0 or 2-0 win, but i dont think the win for netherlands is in danger at any time.

    ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)

    R Nadal - J Del Potro

    Scholes - J Del Potro ML @ 5.37 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

    I always has been saying that players like Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro are the most dangerous opponents for Rafa Nadal because the more stronger you're attack it is the more real chances you'll have against such a great defender like Rafa. The spaniard did won Wimbledon last year and being the defender champoin he should have plenty of motivation, anyway Rafa in every game is very motivated, but in this one only the motivation could not be enough as he will have to past a real difficult task. Del Potro is the player who still didn't achieved anything special in 2011, but if to draw some more attention to his latest games, then I could say that he did increased his level of form in a meaningful way. Del Potro has never been the best grass-courter, but the way he has played till now at Wimbledon speak about some essential improvement and here I mean the improvements certain on his pace and net play. Playing on thw own serve Rafa should be much more under pressure as he could face more difficulties due to his not so great serve and lack of flat shots. All in all, Rafa is still not playing his best and his most stable tennis for a quite long period already, even if he has won the French Open, his stability is not the same as it was in the past, maybe that will change in the future, there are no doubts, but certain is that at the moment there is sense to go against him. Good Luck!

    ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)

    A Murray - R Gasquet

    Scholes - 1 (-5 games) @ 1.99 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, I remember very well the last game between these players, the game from last year at French Open when Richard Gasquet was leading by two sets and has lost at the end. In that game Richard Gasquet had some healthy problems as otherwise he should had been the winner. Ok, that game was at French Open and has been played on clay, now we have a different situation as the surface differ a lot from clay to grass. Gasquet is a great clay-courter, there are no doubts about that, but on grass his level is not the same, in terms of rhythm and peace he should face some dificulties against a player like Andy Murray. IMO, this game should be a battle between Gasquet's attack and Murray's defence which if to speak certain on grass Murray has clear the essential advantages. I agree that Gasquet has been very impressive in the latest period, but every single game is a new task and playing against a much more difficult player and besides that on grass the frenchman should rather face some real dificulties. Good Luck!

    ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)

    R Nadal - A Murray

    Scholes - 1 (-7 games) @ 2.22 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players will play for the first time here at French Open. Andy Murray still have the ankle injury opened and that could affect him today as game after game this problem could be more serious. Rafael Nadal didn"t started too well this year his best tournament French open, but after his game against Robin Soderling he has showed that he is back in action as he has played much much better than in his first games. Well, speaking about the difference in style between thesee two players because IMO certain this is the most important aspect here, I just have to mentionate that Murray do not possess any dangerous quality against Rafa, Andy is a player who can defend very well, but when it comes to attack he is nothing else than just a medium player. On clay, Andy will alaways have very few chances against Rafa as the spaniard is the best defender in the world and only by being stable from the baseline you just can not have some real chances against a player like Rafa. All in all, Rafa has some very clear advantages in style against Andy, so he should be all in control for this game. Good Luck!

    WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)

    M Kirilenko - A Rus

    Scholes - 1 (-4 games) @ 1.99 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players are playing two clear different style of tennis. Maria Kirilenko is the player who defends, a defender one while Arantxa Rus is the player who attacks any time she has the chance to attack. The difference in terms of class between these two players is clear and so meaningful. there is a lot about Arantxa Rus victory against Kim Clijsters as she got overrated after that suprising win of course, but let me tell you that Kim has played with a such increased number of errors as he has destroyed her chances by herself. All in all. Kirilenko comes after a bad period and now at French Open she shows some signs of a better form, class should have the word here. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    F Verdasco - Ljubicic

    Scholes - 1 (-2.5 set) @ 3.5 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, after all Fernando Verdasco has started to play his tennis and IMO this is the perfect moment to go on his side as he is clear a much better player than the croat man Ivan Ljubicic who besides serve and powerful groundstrokes do not possess any other serious quality. Ljubicic is a player who depends a lot of his serve as in case that his game lacks the accuracy he has no other choices than to risk with the winners. Verdasco can play amaing tennis and we all know that, so this game will all be about how Verdasco will play, or better said how many errors will be in his play. Verdasco showed some stable and nice tennis so far here at French Open, so this is the moment to go on his side. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    M Fish - G Simon

    Scholes - 2 (2.5 set) @ 3.25 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, this is the end for Mardy Fish, belive me:), this player is not for clay, yes no doubts that he did well on this surface till now, but still he lacks many aspects for being a complete clay-courter. Gilles Simon is playing his best tennis on clay and he is also playing at home which is another advantage for him. Simon is a great defender who can play so stable from the baseline and can read so well the opponent's game as I really can't imagine Mardy Fish winning a set here. Simon is just clear much much better than Fish on clay, so very nice value here. Good Luck!

    WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)

    S Kuznetsova - I Begu

    Scholes - 1 (-4.5 games) @ 1.89 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, our today's odds surely have a lot of do with the last game between these two players, no doubts about that as Irina-Camelia Begu defeated in three sets Svetlana Kuznetsova at Marbella. Speaking about that game I just have to mentionate that the russian player purely didn't played not even closer to her real level, there were so many unforced errors in her play and the romanian player managed to get the victory due to all those errors. Now, the situation is just another one as Svetlana Kuznetsova is playing her normal tennis and in normal conditions she should surely have all the control for this game as she will play against Begu, a player not difficult at all for her level. Svetlana Kuznetsova can play amazing tennis on clay and now that she has started to play agin stable we should go on her side. Good Luck!

    Baseball - MLB (02-09-2014) +4  1
    CLE Indians - Detroit
    Detroit ML @ 2.25 [5/10] BWIN
    Football - Italy (07-09-2014) +3  1
    Trapani - Vicenza
    Trapani @ 1.85 [1/10] SBOBET
    Tennis - WTA (03-09-2014) +2  1
    B Bencic - S Peng
    B Bencic ML @ 2.2 [1/10] Marathonbet
    Baseball - MLB (02-09-2014) +2  1
    Oakland - SEA Mariners
    SEA Mariners ML @ 2.34 [6/10] Marathonbet

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    Odds verified!
    Brasil published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Goias - Fluminense » Over 2.5 (Match) @ 2.42 8/10
    Probably Fluminense line up Felipe Garcia; Bruno, Henrique, Elivelton e Chiquinho; Diguinho, Jean, Cícero, Wagner e Conca; Fred. Both, Fluminense and Goias improved themselves yesterday. Fluminense drew 1x1 against defensive Corinthians but had a goal disallowed(not offside) while Goais scored 3 times(Erick did a hat-trick) against Atletico-PR(3x1). Fred is full of ambitious. Wagner on fire. Conca and Cícero are ever dangerous. Hard to believe Fluminense won' t take profit of counters. Goais must win by 1x0 as they lost by 2x1 at Maracanã. Stadium to be crowded. @x1 but Goias sent 2 balls on Fluminense's bar. Of course over 2.5 goals has huge value here. ...
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • prodigy likes this
    • Mexifut Hi maestro, do you changed your stake system? I see this 8 unit bet and yesterday two 9 unit bets in basketball when usually you bet 5 stakes. Saludos!
      41 minutes ago

    • Brasil hi@mexi nope. i'm just lost. And Please: forget basketball till brazilian tournament :-)) Those 8 stakes are a test.
      25 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    ginobili published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Tristan Lamasine - Roberto Carballes Baena » Away (Match) @ 1.64 6/10
    I really like Carballes so I have to take him with odds like these. Roberto is a great claycourter that is trying to make some noise in the challenger circuit and he has enough quality to do it. I see Lamasine as an itf player, with good tennis but not enough to be fighting against players like Carballes that for me is one step ahead from the french player. Lamasine played really well the past week and that is the reason for these odds so I want to take advantage on that. Big quality difference imo....
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    35 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    backhandwinner published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Marin Cilic - Gilles Simon » Away (Match) @ 2.6 5/10
    I dont understand the odds. Cilic hadnt the form of the last months. He won a horrible game against a weak Anderson on sunday. The weeks before he lost clearly against Wawrinka and leave sets against Istomin and Jaziri. Only his lost against Federer was a well performance. If Cilic made faults like the Anderson game, Simon will use that with his safety typ of play. On the other side Simon hadnt a good season, but he play very well this US Open with a great job against David Ferrer. The H2H, who lead Simon 4-0 is very important too. I think its a value spot and the odds will drop more....
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    42 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    backhandwinner published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Konstantin Kravchuk - Ruben Bemelmans » Away (Match) @ 1.63 6/10
    I think the odds for Bemelmans are too high. Kravchuk is a solide player on hc, but he havnt a good run. He lost in 2nd round from US Open qualifying against Przysiezny. Before this event he lost against Mekitic and Menendez. His balance in hall isnt good too, this year with losses against Guez, Marie or Matsukevitch. If his 1st Serve isnt stable, he havnt weapons too beat Bemelmans. I think leftie Bemelmans is the better player. He made a good job last weeks and like it to play in the hall. Bemelmans is a very good tie break player too and i think, its an advantage against the good Serve from Kravchuk. Bemelmans must be the clearer favorite....
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    54 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Brasil published new pick:
    PINNACLE  ABC RN - Vasco da Gama » Draw (Match) @ 3.42 4/10
    First leg 1x1. Now 0x0 is enough to ABC. I expect ABC very closed waiting for Vasco and away side is coming with Douglas and Kleber, good players. Vasco was the shame of last round in Serie B(0x5 against Avaí). Coach left club. They are still in knock out. They are very focused to get that spot but even more to not lose again. So, i'm in doubt if Vasco will push since the beginning or wait for a single ball to win by 1x0. I didn't research again but i did it once: 1x1 in first leg is an invitation to another 1x1. Vasco without best GK, Martin Silva. Well, best but took 5 goals. The fact is he was called up to uruguay nation team and travelled today to Montevideo. His reserver is the Vasco's nightmare, Diogo Silva.He takes ridiculous goals every match. Nobody likes him but myself, as Flamengo's supporter and someone inside Vasco. Maybe a lover? a friend? an associate? So,let's be clear. i have the impression match will be 1x1 around 60'. When it happens, that combination is already cash. What comes next doesn' t matter. Of course 2x2 would be nice. If Vasco attacks, they can score or suffer and the 1x1 will happen. If they don' t attack ABC could manage the 0x0. The match will not be boring, though. Stadium crowded tomorrow. The winner here will face Cruzeiro next round of Copa do Brasil and that means money for clubs. Over 2.5 goals and draw....
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    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Brasil published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Portuguesa Desportos - Joinville EC » Home -0.5 (Match) @ 2.31 5/10
    It supposed to bet 4 stakes. Anyway. Portuguesa best player Gabriel Xavier-creative midfielder- recovered his shape ( former injured) and scored twice last match and Portuguesa finally won a match after World Cup. It would be a nice challenge G.Xavier against Marcelo Costa, Joinville number 10 and best player alongside striker Jael. Well, M.Costa scored already 5 times and has many assistances. Last game he did a nice goal against Oeste 2x1. I mean: it would be a challenge because Marcelo Costa is not coming due 3rd yellow card. Joinville is coming more defensive. Coach will crowd midfield because Portuguesa does the same. We gonna watch 10 players in midfield. I mean, you will watch because i won' t watch it. Maybe i will make love instead. Joinville didn' t deserve the 3 points against Oeste according all newspapers. I'm waiting a closed match. 1x0 Portuguesa but watch out: Joinville in G4 and Portuguesa in Z4. Home side + under 2.5 goals....
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Eagles published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Roberto Bautista Agut - Roger Federer » Under 30.5 (Match) @ 2 1/10
    This is not perfect start for any blog, but that's OK, things will get better with time. This pick I can explain in one sentence; I expect Roger Federer to win this match in three sets and hope with at least one break per set. But to be clear, I am sure he can do better and that he will not give Bautista chance to win more then 9-10 gems in whole match. ...
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    anywhere to check Argentina injury suspension?

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    anywhere to check Argentina injury suspension?

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    80% accuracy with my strategy, ready to boom, wait and see

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    BestFootPick published new pick:
    Bet365  Cliftonville FC - Linfield FC » Cliftonville FC (DNB-FT) @ 1.73 10/10

    I will take draw no bet on this game from IFA Premiership in Northern Ireland. Cliftonville seems to be much more fluent side early in the season, having much more confidence in their abilities and I can not see any other result than a Cliftonville wont lose tonight....
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    BeDoBet published new pick:
    LIVE 188bet  Arsenal Sarandi - CA Banfield » FT Away +0.25 (0:0) @ 1.72 1/10
    Looks like Banfield is not worst in here - game is not beautifull but guests should get a draw at least. Not many goals expected

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    svartgul published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Austria - Sweden » Over 2.5 (Match) @ 2.46 1/10
    Generally don't go this high oddswise but I see no reason for odds even close to this. Both teams can even score three on their own. Sweden under Hamrén have no defense to talk about, but quite an OK attacking play and one of the best players in the world. Sweden were lucky not to lose by more away at Austria last time, which was only a year ago. I need no news about Austria to see value in this pick....
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    TheItalianPunter published new pick:
    Bet365  AC Parma - AC Milan » AC Milan (DNB-FT) @ 1.8 5/10

    I think that odd will drop in future days, just like Milan full match. Than I will motivate my pick

    3 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    milik achieved very good reputation in short time and he's already bored..first blur and ditto, then milik, what is wrong with Dutch guys :)?

    4 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Mexifut I agree @jonaf, I am just trying to be devil´s advocat hehe... I also don´t understand why Balic closes and opens his blog a lot of times, but maybe people think different and you have to respect that.
      3 hours ago

    • 1komma7 i´am sure that milik did not leave us...
      3 hours ago

    • ProBetter because they have too many bets on the same league impossible to profit week in week out especially on mainstream leagues
      3 hours ago

    Odds verified!
    Brasil published new pick:

    12 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Brasil published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Atletico Goianiense - Boa MG » Away (Match) @ 3.73 4/10
    Last 12 goals scored by home side, André Luis did it 7 times and Viçosa, the team striker, 2 times. Viçosa is still injured whereas André Luis is suspended. That information has value to try an under 2.5 goals. Boa Esporte didn' t play last weekend and it is less tired than home side. Boa Esporte has 4 good players upfront: Tomás and Clebson(both creative midfield) and Karanga + Diego. I mean, Diego is a reserver but he finally will play as Ualisson Pikachu(not th other Pikachu of Paysandu) is suspended. Everyone prefers Diego. By the way, last match Boa defeated Icasa by 2x0. Do you like to watch the Diego's goal? Watch it below. It was the first one. How many times did you watch Ronaldo Nazario doing it in Cruzeiro, PSV and Barcelona? Well, on the the second goal by Tomás Wellinton-not mentioned above- did the great play and assisted Tomás. Not mentioned because he is a defensive midfielder. A good one as you can see. Well, Atlético-GO has another key absence: Jonas. He is a right back but very offensive. Atlético has an amazing player according my eyes: Jorginho. I see home side trying to score with patient in order to not avoid Boa's counters. Atllético-Go hasn't so many supporters. No huge pressure. All in all, odds for Boa Esporte are great. Under 2.5 goals and Boa Esporte! ...
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    5 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Rychu published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Stan Wawrinka - Tommy Robredo » Away (Match) @ 2.8 4/10
    I'm changing sides a bit. Earlier in this tournament I did a bet against Robredo but seeing his performance against Kyrgios, I think Wawrinka won't stop him. Value is definitely on him here. Robredo is smart player, he fights for every single point and never gives up. He had his onslaught mode on already against Kyrgios here and he seemed extremely confident. He has beaten Djokovic in straight sets couple weeks ago and he also leads H2H's against Wawrinka 6-2. Stan isn't in any good form. He has played only few matches after his month break and he for example lost to Anderson who is in bad shape. He has improved his game a lot since last year but his current form isn't very convincing. I think he can't get past Robredo. Good odds....
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    17 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Rychu What a joyable first set to watch. Full of one-handed backhands and beautiful shots. I'll get some popcorn, lol.
      3 hours ago

    germangolfpunter wrote a new blog entry:
    Hi, I am a Golf Punter from Germany with great experience in both playing and betting on golf. I will share my weekly picks (mostly on PGA Tour tournaments) with you from now on. My selections depend on my statistical database, current and course form of players as well as individual subjective opinions such as weather forecast, injuries and the like. Most of the picks will be Each Way (E/W) picks, with half the stake on Outright and the other half on Place (usually 1-5 places at 1/4 odds). However, in the past I also had some H2H, Top10/20 or other picks. Further, I will sometimes bet on first round leads, also as E/W picks. I will try to write a few sentences to each pick but I cannot guarantee. Every pick has the same quality however, picks with a written argumentation are not better than others. In each of the last five years, my record shows a yield of more than 10%. However, 2014 is still way behind but there are a lot of tournaments to go with two Playoff events left and the 2014/2015 season beginning on October. Good luck to everyone! Cheers...
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    Odds verified!
    megapoxy wrote a new blog entry:
    About Me
    After several months of activity it's time to write some stuff about myself (having as an excuse the private pick I posted a while ago). I am a 35 year old Greek who currently lives in Jakarta Indonesia... my main activity regarding betting is to spot the value in the matches that have Indonesian teams involved based on news, reports and on my eyes watching those teams on TV. I don't have inside info for possible match fixing in case anyone was wondering (cause match fixing happens a lot here obviously).About the private picks that perhaps some may wonder... I just "tested" it so to find a chance to grab the best value but even in that i failed to do so since the special bets I took weren't available in the odds I did in betbrain, txodds and moreover in oddsodds. I don't have a mailing list that I "sell" them but I have some friends/followers/colleagues that I prioritize them to get the picks first in higher value (so far my picks here are already with a bit slashed odds but that's ok with me).In real life I place my bets mostly in eurobookies (Bet365 above all) having been limited by several ones but I can't place them in Asian and I don't really care that there is no option like that for me (due to my nationality I would have to use an agent). You see I know from others that in order to accept a big bet in Indonesian footie the Asians will limit your bet to for instance 80 euros while adjusting the odds (I repeat to Indonesian league not every league), something that doesn't happen in Bet365 for instance that can accept a single bet up to 600 euros of profit without any problems. In the future I may turn this blog into a paid one but knowing that my bets will be mostly from bet365 I will be asking for the minimum subscription fee since nobody will become a millionaire based on my bets no matter how high my yield can be. Feel free to ask anything... my email is burgersplacemarousi@yahoo.com but please don't ask me to be put in a mailing list in exchange for money or to work in your paid tipsters site etc etc.GL with your bets! ...
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    • Moraes @CappersImpact so its all about wins? Not the amount of my bet? If its true i see the best solution when i bet every time in diff acc instead of betting with equal cash in everyone :) Thanks for the answers guys @megaproxy sorry for the spam feel free to delete my comments :)!
      1 day ago

    • lumpur Hi Why there is no picks in last week? Taking vacation somewhere?
      21 hours ago

    • megapoxy no vacation...many weird results lately here, weird odd movements as wells during pregame, in play, almost half the matches are determined not exactly in the field.
      besides that I am pissed with someone here that was, is and will be forever clueless!
      3 hours ago

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