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  • Norway (02-11-2014, 11:00)Norway (02-11-2014, 11:00)

    Brann - Sogndal

    Toothpick - Sogndal (+0.5) @ 2.09 [4/10] (SBOBET)

    Extremely important match. Bergen, Norway's second biggest city, against the small village of Sogndal. Extreme pressure on the Brann players here, it will be a huge disappointment and surprise if they go down. Looks like their coach Norling has no idea how to get the players play like a team. Sogndal fight against relegation every year, and are used to this, can't say that about many of the Brann players. Looks like the market is on Brann, I'm not so convinced.

    Norway (02-11-2014, 09:00)Norway (02-11-2014, 09:00)

    Viking - Sarpsborg 08

    Toothpick - Away +0.5 (Match) @ 2.1 [4/10] (PINNACLE)

    Viking have played like a relegation team the second half of the season, luckily had som points on the bottom teams early. Only three wins in 14 home games this season. Sarpsborg have been playing like a better team than Viking for a long time. Brian Deane will quit as manager at the end of the season, but that haven't affected the players. Hard to see that Viking are bigger favourites here than last round against Aalesund, which they lost. It's late in the season, and not that much to play for, so I'm a bit careful and take 4/10.

    Football - Greece (02-11-2014) +3  1
    Panetolikos - Xanthi
    Panetolikos @ 1.9 [5/10] BWIN
    Football - Italy (01-11-2014) +3  1
    Trapani - Brescia
    Trapani (+0) @ 1.74 [3/10] Dafabet
    Football - Greece (01-11-2014) +2  1
    Veria - Panionios
    Panionios (+0) @ 5 [5/10] BestBet
    Football - Eng. Conference (01-11-2014) +2  1
    Boston - AFC Fylde
    AFC Fylde @ 2.25 [10/10] Marathonbet
    Football - Norway (02-11-2014) +2  1
    Brann - Sogndal
    Sogndal (+0.5) @ 2.09 [4/10] SBOBET
    Basketball - Euroleague (M) (30-10-2014) +2  1
    Anadolu Efes - Zalgiris
    Zalgiris (+8) @ 1.9 [3/10] Bet365
    Ice Hockey - Norway (30-10-2014) +2  1
    Lorenskog - Manglerud
    Lorenskog (-3.5) @ 1.8 [10/10] Marathonbet
    Football - Ger. Bundesliga I (31-10-2014) +2  1
    Schalke - Augsburg
    Augsburg (+0.5) @ 1.95 [7/10] Bet365
    Basketball - NBA (30-10-2014) +2  1
    LA Clippers - Oklahoma
    LA Clippers (-12) @ 1.93 [2/10] Marathonbet
    Football - Other (30-10-2014) +2  1
    Legia Warsaw - Pogon Szczecin
    Legia Warsaw (-1) @ 1.52 [2/10] Marathonbet
    Football - Belgium (30-10-2014) +2  1
    RRC Peruwelz - Club Brugge
    Club Brugge (-0.75) @ 1.84 [10/10] SBOBET
    Basketball - NBA (30-10-2014) +2  1
    Orlando - Washington
    Washington (-4) @ 1.95 [2/10] 5dimes

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    3. 188bet 2297113. Sportingbet 1479
    4. Marathonbet 1255014. Betsson SB 1313
    5. SBOBET 1203215. Coral 1234
    6. William Hill 835616. EXPEKT 1200
    7. Unibet 680017. BETWAY 952
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    Odds verified!
    boio1916 published new pick:
    Bet365  Rapid Suceava-Petrolul » 2 (-1.5 AH) @ 2.2 10/10
    Petrolul are in good form right now. They are currently 3rd with 24pts in 12 games in the league. Rapid lost just one game this season, but they have far too many draws and they are 5th in the lower division with 15pts in 10 games. Petrolul often scores more than one goal. Their next game in the league is against Otelul which are last. So there should be no need sit out players to rest. I believe they could win this one with 2 or more goals difference....
    See more

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    • myez09 I'll take it live after I watch the line-ups
      19 minutes ago

    • Rafa can u please write them down right from the beggining? thx
      9 minutes ago

    • Rafa well, not a strong line-up :/
      37 seconds ago

    Odds verified!
    ThinkDifferent published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Hellas Verona - Lazio » Draw (Match) @ 3.6 5/10
    lazio in a good moment but playing at verona where the home team does usually well and the supporters are very hot. a draw, especially in these mid-week matches, is a good result for both teams.

    2 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Maek published new pick:
      Dafabet  Trapani - Brescia » Trapani (+0) @ 1.74 3/10
    Trapani is building its good run at home, in general nightmare were heavy away loss against Varese and Livorno, but if they are in good mood and playing at home they can give problems to every side, especially to Brescia . This last one having great problems to put on the field a good line-up with injury crisis and bad phisical preparation. It's true..last match against Crotone they won, but in the next match along with many missing they will loose Di Cesare and Bentivoglio, and having played in the midweek (not bad I can say considering situation), Coach Iacone can't make miracle. http://www.tuttob.com/brescia will miss Nadarevic banned but recover Basso and Dai, another importat factor is that Trapani haveone more day of rest and considering mid-week matches is not  to understimate. If Trapani will play in right mood they surely make points as did in the past. I see a DNB line a very good choice for this match....
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    7 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Does someone has injury report of Valencia for euroleague?

    8 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    caracaminos published new pick:
    TIPICO  Crvena Zvezda-Vojvodina Novi Sad » 2 ( ML) @ 2.3 10/10
    Here's a bet for a nice afternoon. I do not have much to say except that you should bet on the guest. I suggest the maximum bet. The reason for this bet is not so important, how important is the fact that the guest will surely win.For this reason, bet and enjoy the beautiful afternoon...
    See more

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Squiz Tennis published new pick:

    10 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    • Squiz Tennis Close to the bottom of the odds I'm willing to play, but Nishikori should be more favourite imho. This courts perfectly fits japanese player, he really impressed me yesterday, while Tsonga struggled against Melzer and can be distracted from upcoming Davis Cup's final.
      9 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Winnerx published new pick:
    Bet365  Atlantas Klaipeda-Trakai » over (2.5 TOT) @ 1.62 3/10
    Both teams ar better in offensive. Trakai has a terrible defence, conceded 3 goals against Siauliai and also lost to Suduva. Atlantas still trying to catch Trakai for the 3rd place. I can expect 2-1 3-0 tonight....
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Winnerx You need to have connection in such leagues in order to make a good profit. Or there is another way to stay with total overs. If you know what I mean :))
      1 hour ago

    • grigormladenov I think this bet is lost.
      16 minutes ago

    • Winnerx Probably yes
      9 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    jtpicks published new pick:
      Bet365  Schalke - Augsburg » Augsburg (+0.5) @ 1.95 7/10
    Schalke to welcome Augsburg at Veltins Arena. Schalke started to play better after a very bad start to the season. They are unbeaten at home for 6 games now. However they have to fight on two fronts , as they also participate in UEFA Champions League. This ofcourse takes a lot of energy. And for coach it's obviously difficult to motivate his team playing against a small German team , when they have big CL game coming in midweek. Next week Schalke will face Sporting Lisbon which is an important game for both. Augsburg can't be underestimated as they are solidmid-table team, which can cause an upset. Schalke can come into this game too lightly and their heads can already be in CL game, Augsburg can take advantage of that. Odds reflect the situation....
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    6 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Faemo @Marco Weather Schalke played better or not in the games after Keller was fired can be seen different. But "Di Matteo is already seen critical" is something I can not see at all. The management knew exactly what tactic Matteo had in mind. And defense is exactly the point Schalke needs to improve on ->Di Matteo is absolutely the right man for this. Also the fans don't see Di Matteo critical at all. They all agree that the defense needs to be improved and the games against Hertha and Sporting have shown that Di Matteo is not 100% focused on defense like he was with Chelsea back then but rather has a good mix in mind with controlling the game through a good defense and then start to hurt the opponent with good controlled attacks. What happened against Sporting after the 3-1 lead with 11 vs 10 is something you can not explain through tactic.
      47 minutes ago

    • Marco In some parts of the press he already gets slashed and seen critical, that is what I meant Fameo. That Schalke needs to improve the defense is the right angle for sure. Or let´s say the right balance between defense and attack has to be found. That is not there yet. Obviously, something like that doesn´t happen over overnight. And yes, the games against Hertha and in parts Sporting showed some improvement. As you rightfully say that sudden sloppyness after the 3:1 in the Champions League has nothing to do with tactics, more with mentality. The display last weekend was absolutely awful though, no creativity, no danger, no nothing really. You cannot disagree with that. But also that is not Di Matteo, still the old problem of Schalke to perform constantly.
      23 minutes ago

    • Marco Anyway, agree with your tendency pro Schalke for tomorrow, so gl...
      14 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Andi Rettig published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Homburg 08 - TuS Koblenz » Home -1 (Match) @ 2.06 1/10
    Best bet for this weekend imo. Really thought about 2/10 stake but will stick to usual 1/10. Maybe i will add one extra Unit in-play if Homburg do not lead at half-time. Few reasons, why i think that Homburg will win this game. - Most important fact is suspensions for the away-team. They will miss both central defenders in Marx and Reith. This is a big blow for this team because they do not have solid replacements. I expect Hadzic (offensive minded midfielder) to play as central defender tomorrow. Don't know exactly what is with Sven Wurm (19 y old central defender). Maybe he will be the second central defender. Maybe they will play with some wing-back as central defender. Whatever, the missing of both central defenders will hurt Koblenz. - Homburg won 4 games in a row before dropping 2 points last week in Nöttingen. Pinna (injury) and Kilian (suspension) were missing in this game and both will return tomorrow. Two very important players for this team. That means strongest line up available for Homburgs Coach. They have a very talented squad and imo they will finish in top 5 at the end of the season. Some players are still looking for promotion and it is a must win against Koblenz if they want to hold contact to Saarbrücken & Offenbach. - If i think about tactics in this game, i see perfect situation for Homburg. Koblenz showed some signs of improvement in their offense in last games but Homburg is a strong defensive team so it will be very hard to score against them. On the other side Homburg has some problems against deep defending teams. They lack 1-2 creative players who can create chances. So everyone expect Koblenz to park the bus tomorrow. Probably they will. But without their 2 main central defenders it will be hard to keep clean sheet. So if Homburg will pressure Koblenz defense over 90 minutes i see many mistakes and they will get their chances for sure. - Last but not least. Set-Pieces. Homburg is a very strong team in set-pieces as they have so many tall players who can score. And now take a look on Koblenz team. Without Reith (1,90m) and Marx (1,87m) they miss their two best players for defending set-pieces. Hadzic is only 1,78m. If Koblenz really park the bus they will concede so many set-pieces against them. I see 1-2 goals coming after corners or free-kicks. With this big advantage in set-pieces i can't see Homburg not to score in this game. I don't like to bet on big handicaps but in this game i can't see anything than Koblenz win. We should get at least cashback. Good Luck...
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    48 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Marchisio8 published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Red Star Belgrade (SRB) - Valencia Basket (ESP) » Away @ 2.01 1/10
    Very important match for Valencia... After 2 losses at the beginning, they need to win this game... I really like Zvezda this season... Imho they are much better team than last season... Katic, Simonovic, Radenovic, Dragicevic and Nelson (most important player) left club, but they sign Marcus Williams (for me better player than Nelson), Zirbes and few great young talented Serbian players, Dangubic, Kalinic and Jovic... Also, Mitrovic is more expirienced than he was in last season, he is captain this season and really play great... Marjanovic is also very good in offence, but he has some problems in defence, and I believe that it is biggest chance for Valencia... Zvezda is very poor in defending pick & roll, and that could be best option for Valencia in offence today... I watch Valencia in last match in ACB league against Estudiantes and Imho they were very good... This may be their first match in new season with full roster... Dubljevic was in roster against Estudiantes, while for this match against Zvezda, they should have also Lucic and Sato... As I said above, I believe that their main offence option should be pick & roll... Dubljevic is great center, he has good shoot from distance and he is also very good pick & roll so I believe that Marjanovic will have huge problems to stop him... Lucic is former captain of Partizan so he will be very motivated for this match against Zvezda... Also, coach Perasovic is great coach imho much better than Zvezda's coach Radonjic... Zvezda will again play in Belgrade Arena, in front of more than 20.000 fans... They will be big ''tail wind'' for players for sure, but imho Valencia is better team and in this, almost must win situation, I believe that they will defeat Zvezda... However, because of home (fans) advatange and good form I will go with small stake, 1/5... ...
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    16 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    FalconEye published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Novak Djokovic - Gael Monfils » Home -4.5 (Match) @ 2 6/10
    Masters Paris: I think it's acceptable to say that Monfils is here because of Sousa's and Isner's lack of consistency. They both played really bad and Monfils just needed to put the ball on the other side. However, he will face Nole. Djokovic will play with a lot of intensity and I really believe Monfils won't be able to play man to man. I see clear chances to Djokovic win at least one set with two breaks for instance. No bet under 1.9....
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    19 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Infodds published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Mondeville - Charleville-Mezieres » Home @ 1.97 10/10
    The visiting team will be weakened by the absence of French national team player Ana Cata-Chitiga. She is unavailable due to injury. You can find more information on our FB page: www.facebook.com/infodds ...
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    26 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    reccos wrote a new blog entry:
    Few words
    I'm having a different approach to the sports wagering business than most of the bettors have.After reading some of Declan Hill's books, I was trying to find a way to forecast football matches where "money with influence" are involved. The phenomenon is world-wide accepted because on behalf of the UEFA, Sportradar is monitoring every member state with regard to manipulation and the company’s own state of the art fraud detection system has not only detected but been actively involved in. Their PDF report "World Match-Fixing: The problem and the solution" was made public available in the April 2014.A crucial information for me is related to the (pre-game liquidity) vs. (in-play liquidity). I've asked Gary Wise about this issue in the second Pinnacle Sports Head of Sportsbook Q&A, hosted on @PinnacleSports (Twitter) on January 28th 2014. No answer received. Probably it's an inside information that it has to be kept secret. The answer came from one of the biggest Asian odds provider: ONEworks™, which state that "in Asia, where live betting reigns supreme, around 70 percent of turnover happens in-play and in some cases this can be as high as 80 percent, with just 20 percent wagered pre-game".In this blog all sport picks are based on the following:- PinnacleSports pre-game odds and line movements- SBObet pre-game odds and line movements- Asian in-play odds and line movements (SportsBook and BetTrade)If anomalies appears and if the line and odds have value I will jump in the betting market.Keep in mind that past good results does not guaranty any future good results and nothing is safe 100%. These marketing words are overused in the internet. Those who are looking for "fixed" should leave this blog and search on the Facebook instead. There are plenty of fixers there where to buy the info. Those who love to report me, just go ahead and do your job. For anyone else who like this idea of betting, I am asking that the "like" button to be hit every once in a while. My intention is to keep the blog free (I need monetization only from the affiliation system available). From time to time the picks might be private. After the first 50 picks I will give an explanation once from ten. My goal is to make you (the follower or visitor) to think yourself and make your own homework. Anyway the picks from the blog are hard to be followed, because in many times the match action is taking place in less than 2 minutes. I am struggling to be in green with the profit each month but I cannot make any promise and I would love to be a premium tipster after few months/years. Good Luck! It is wisdom to be the remora fish and avoid to be the shark itself....
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    10 hours ago   Like  Comment

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    • Zeland there was this kind of bug in the past, but dont know if editor fixed it or not, I also subscribe for his pick so we will see ;] but I expect no pick from this moment or really bad performance ;)
      5 hours ago

    • experimenting I would love for it to be true. But I think the odds are 1000:1 against
      5 hours ago

    • bangpotatoes Is there a site where y can see the amount of money placed on a bet ?
      29 minutes ago

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    NBAlover published new pick:
      PINNACLE  Cleveland Cavaliers - New York Knicks » Over 200 @ 1.9 2/10
    So a bit stronger bet finally, and on an over whats not very common at me. Having watched cavs in preseason ( inst quiet the thing), and the knicks yesterday i must go with this one. I love over in early season for competative games. Knicks were cold yesteday night in the 1st half and in the 2nd the bulls defense showed up. Stil that game went almost to 190 points. Calderon should be back tonight, and i doubt we will see melo again under 20 points. Cavs with blatt and lebron play rly fast, what else should they do having 3pt shoters in irving ( from the front part of the 3pt line he is killing it...nearly 50% last season) and love. They can spread the flor like no other team and run it likewise. I expect them in the season opener at 115points or so, they rly want to kick it off nicely. While knicks are on an b2b end but doubt we'll see another blowout...especialy with cavs curret defense ( i see em reaching 100p)....
    See more

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    • bettingforlife Same thoughts as chuck. I expect big win of cavs tonight. Like 18-19 pts. But something under the line. Like 99-80 or smth similar.
      3 hours ago

    • Reus I think cavs will go over 110 in this one .. Lebron will make an excellent pair with Irving ..if we will have also Love here ..I will enjoy this game at maximum ..
      3 hours ago

    • NBAlover if u have watched the knicks then ull see they are pushing the tempo, old pablo was yesterday trying to push it...just the bulls where too much
      32 minutes ago

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    Bergomi published new pick:

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    • Bergomi Full stake here and not much words: Both most probably in 4-3-3 formation. Lazio in great form in front of the goal and Verona in defense very shaky lately but in front always able to score and always just very spectacular at home or away against Lazio. In the last 9 duels there were 44 goals, so 4,8 goals on average per game! There is something in the air when these teams come together, I don't know what it is, but it must have to do something with the chemistry. I see this match and see goals. But: I am careful this year with higher overs cause Verona is not that strong imo as last years but while I am writing this I feel that it could be wrong and we could have again very much goals. I'll go live for more but prematch only this one. Note that I rarely do a pre-match bet with 10 stake but here I am 99,9% sure. GL!
      34 minutes ago

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    czesc-gewara published new pick:
      Bet365  KP Legia Warszawa - MKS Pogon Szczecin » KP Legia Warszawa -1.5 (AH-FT) @ 1.83 6/10

    Legia have best team in league definitely Today with almost best squad Pogon has new coach Like every year they focus on the league matches Today with some rotations (first GK Janukiewicz will not be played)...
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    Moment to bet Dimitrov?

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    • mac-enik dont give up, maybe we got a little hope left :)
      56 minutes ago

    • grigormladenov Are you watching??? He already gave up the match!
      54 minutes ago

    • mac-enik yeah im watching but i dont got much know how im learning with little stakes, this tennis is new for me i just followed tips from here :)
      46 minutes ago

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    Vendetta published new pick:

    3 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Maek good for you.. I was tempted live at 70' to take line -0,25 and I decided to skip it ah
      1 hour ago

    • Rafa good job mate, any over for tonite? :)
      1 hour ago

    • Vendetta If I find something I will post it ;)
      53 minutes ago

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    mart77 published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints » Under 50.5 @ 1.87 3/10
    Saints QB Drew Brees plays a large fine and form. His statistics for the last game speak for themselves (311 Yds, 3 TD). Against a weak Panthers defense (21st place - many injured players) should give a few TD. Playing very well lately and RB Mark Ingram (last matches - rushing 172 Yds. Combination of Brees Graham and Ingram = more than 40 points in game. QB Saints Drew Brees hrá vo veľkej pohode a forme. Jeho štatistiky za posledný zápas hovoria sami za seba ( 311 Yds, 3 TD). Proti slabej obrane Panterov (21. miesto - veľa zranených hráčov), by mal dať niekoľko TD. Veľmi dobre hrá v poslednej dobe aj RB Mark Ingram (posledný zapas - 172 nabehaných Yds. Kombinácia Breesa, Grahama a Ingrama = viac ako 40 bodov v zápase....
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    mart77 published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints » Away -4.5 @ 2.18 3/10
    The battle for first place in the NFC South divisions as it should be. Panthers have not won the last 3 matches. They have too many injured players. For example, RT Nate Chandler, RB DeAngelo Williams, CB Bene 'Benwikere .... while the Saints play, even after the return of injured TE Jimmy Graham very well. Last time they beat the GB Packers. I believe that the Saints win by more than 4,5 points Bitka o prvé miesto v divizii NFC South tak ako ma byt. Panteri nevyhrali posledné 3 zápasi. Majú príliš veľa zranených hráčov. Napríklad RT Nate Chandler, RB DeAngelo Williams, CB Bene' Benwikere.... Kdežto Saints hrajú, už aj po návrate zraneného TE Jimmy Graham, veľmi dobre. Naposledy rozbili GB Packers. Som presvedčený, že Saints vyhrajú o viac ako 4,5 boda...
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