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World Cup (13-06-2014, 16:00)World Cup (13-06-2014, 16:00)

Chile - Australia

Kawabunga - Home -1.25 (Match) @ 2.18 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

So, super early pick because we already have super early drops and I believe odds will keep dropping hard until the kickoff. Anyway pretty nice limits and I think is worth to invest in advance on this game. Chile is in the hardest group of the WC, against Netherlands, Spain and Australia; and despite that I consider that Chile has not a bad chance to qualify to next round, either letting out to Spain or Netherlands, is more than evident than the "must win" game is against Australia and as the first game of Chile will be this one, the team will be forced to win and will use the best lineup that can use. Chile in hands of Sampaoli lost only 2 games, an undeserved one against Peru and a deserved one against Brazil in a friendly game, but Chile using B team. Then all the other games were victories and draws, I must say lucky draws with Spain Brazil and Colombia drawing in the last minute but with Chile playing better. The same team will play against Australia and I would be surprised if the victory is only by 1 goal or even more if the result is worse than that. About Australia, they sadly got in this hell group and to me they have no chances. They got nice results in last friendly games against Costa Rica and Canada, both quite weak, but facing real teams they were beaten easily, like France and Brazil that took the game 6-0. Australia is trying new players on the friendly games they are playing, and now will try against Ecuador and Croatia, possibly with 5 or 6 substitutions in the game. To reach the WC they faced only weak teams so it's not to conclude they are playing good. About the game is obviously too early to say something, but the expected game must be a defensive one by Australia and an offensive one by Chile; the anxiety of first game of WC can play a role here too, but after some minutes playing, the veteran players should put the Chilean team into a good speed allowing good chances of goal and, if all is ok, a victory for a nice margin.

World Cup (12-06-2014, 14:00)World Cup (12-06-2014, 14:00)

Brazil - Croatia

Brasil - Home -1.5 (Match) @ 1.91 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

Does 2x0 Brazil sounds weird? Difficult? I really think Serbia plays a better football than Croatia but they failed twice against rivals and lost second place. In the 2 matches (1x1) and Croatia 2x0, Mandzukic scored. The Bayern forward also scored against Island, the most important game to get the spot in Brazil. But he was suspended for that game. And why are we opening World Cup services right now? Well, because Simunic's huge absence in defense. i don t know croatians tipster opinion about the dialogue " Za dom?" " Spremni" between him and attendance but Fifa just suspended him for Racismus as those words were supposed to remember Ustasha old days. So, Simunic is not even permitted to watch Croatia games in Brazil. He played in 2006 Brazil 1x0 and he is an experienced player. Third reason: Kovac as new coach. He was interviewed in WCups draws and he was very humble saying he had 7 months to offer a style to Croatia national team. So, the fact Croatia fired Stimac in october 2013 is also a tip. I do respect every team and Croatia has a beautiful history in recent years but i see them below its best shape. Does 2x0 Brazil sounds weird?

Football - Denmark (16-04-2014) +10  2
Viborg - AaB
AaB @ 1.88 [10/10] Marathonbet
Football - Netherlands (27-04-2014) +6  4
Heracles - Ajax
DRAW @ 4.00 [2/10] BWIN
Football - Switzerland (16-04-2014) +6  2
Grasshopper - Thun
Grasshopper @ 1.73 [10/10] Bet365
Football - Turkey (17-04-2014) +5  1
Antalyaspor - Eskisehirspor
Eskisehirspor (+0) @ 2.14 [5/10] Dafabet
Football - Ukraine (16-04-2014) +4  1
Metalurg Donetsk - Chernomorets Odessa
Metalurg Donetsk @ 2.00 [5/10] Bet365
Football - Croatia (16-04-2014) +4  1
Dragovoljac - Hajduk Split
Hajduk Split @ 1.70 [10/10] Bet365
Football - Norway (21-04-2014) +3  1
Sogndal - Stromsgodset
Stromsgodset (-0.5) @ 1.96 [8/10] Dafabet
Football - Ger. Bundesliga III (19-04-2014) +3  1
Elversberg - Heidenheim
Heidenheim (-0.5) @ 1.87 [4/10] SBOBET
Football - Norway (21-04-2014) +2  1
Valerenga - Sandnes Ulf
Sandnes Ulf (+0.75) @ 2.11 [8/10] SBOBET
Football - Ger. Bundesliga III (19-04-2014) +2  1
Hallescher - Stuttgarter Kickers
Hallescher (-0.25) @ 1.85 [5/10] Dafabet
Football - Netherlands (27-04-2014) +2  4
Heracles - Ajax
Heracles @ 7.20 [1/10] BWIN
Football - Netherlands (18-04-2014) +2  1
Den Bosch - FC Eindhoven
Den Bosch @ 1.85 [10/10] BWIN
Football - Netherlands (18-04-2014) +2  1
Telstar - Dordrecht
Telstar @ 3.85 [2/10] BWIN
Football - Netherlands (18-04-2014) +2  1
De Graafschap - Sparta
De Graafschap @ 1.75 [10/10] BWIN
Basketball - Philippines (16-04-2014) +2  1
San Miguel Beermen - Air21 Express
San Miguel Beermen (-9) @ 2.16 [1/10] Marathonbet
Football - Spa. Copa Del Rey (16-04-2014) +2  1
Real Madrid - Barcelona
Over 2.5 @ 1.57 [10/10] 5dimes
Football - Spa. Primera (19-04-2014) +2  1
Levante - Getafe
Levante (+0) @ 1.81 [5/10] SBOBET
Football - Spa. Other (20-04-2014) +2  1
Ferrol - Oviedo
X2 @ 1.95 [6/10] BWIN
Basketball - Bulgaria (16-04-2014) +2  1
Levski - Spartak Pleven
Under 165.5 @ 1.92 [5/10] Marathonbet

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Odds verified!
4aces published new pick:
LIVE 188bet  Omiya Ardija - Kashiwa Reysol » FT Away -0.5 (0:0) @ 1.81 7/10
So Omiya almost all reserve players, they have imperative in league, to survive. SO as wee see cup is not important. On other side solid line up for Kashiwa with many regular players.

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Odds verified!
lefter published new pick:
  10bet  Bursaspor - Galatasaray SK » Bursaspor (To Qualify-FTOT incl.) @ 2.50 5/10

Another bet against Galatasaray when they're away from home. This is return leg of cup semi-final. Bursaspor brings a good advantage from the first leg in which they came back from 2-0 and finish the game with 2-2 draw. Galatasaray is in bad mood as they gave up on the title race and their only motivation is to finish 2nd in the league which gives the ticket to direct entry to group stage of Champions League due to Fenerbahce's ban from European Cups. They haven't won this cup in last 10 years. However, this cup isn't of high importance, so this doesn't really mean much. They have bigger issues surrounding the club. Team chemistry is totally lost and Mancini's ability to manage this team is seriously being questioned at the moment. It's obvious that he has some issues with captain Selcuk. It seems that Drogba wants to leave at the end of season and already left Turkey because of his injury which I'm not sure if it's for real. I have already told many times this season that they're weak away from home and don't deserve the odds they're priced most of the times. They have only won 4 times out of 22 games this season, including cup games and CL. Bursaspor is also not having the best season. They're comfortably sitting in mid-table, but they seem far away from their before-season objectives. This cup is their only way to get ticket to Europa League. They have a hot ground for visitors, they have only lost 3 times at home ground this season, even when they're performing way under expectations. They seemed better under their new coach in recent games, they totally deserved draw in the first leg, if not victory, and bringing some confidence into this game. Coach rested some important players in the last game. Galatasaray will miss Drogba, Chedjou, Zan, Altintop, Burdisso, Dursun and A. Yilmaz. Bursaspor have no absentees. I'm not saying that Galatasaray doesn't care about this cup but I see a bigger motivation and better momentum on hosts. Considering awful away record of visitors and hot athmosphere in Bursa, 2.50 for Bursaspor to qualify while holding the advantge of 2-2 at away sounds like value to me. Ps: Asian odds have already dropped a lot since I took this bet but you can still get 2.50 for Bursaspor to qualify in some bookies, even 2.75 in Paddypowder....
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21 hours ago   Like  Comment

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  • gravitonas Good Pick Lefter. This season who bet against Cim Bom at away makes good profit.
    27 minutes ago

  • Fran If in Sbobet to qual is 2.72 then I'll start to think that something is wrong here...
    24 minutes ago

  • Fran Any idea about it?
    2 minutes ago

fognini is the most stupid player I ever seen... too mcuh unforced errors and angry actions

31 minutes ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
torkens published new pick:

14 minutes ago   Like  Comment

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  • torkens  i know some subscribers are limited at bet365 and no one else offer this game so i sent it only as free and you decide will you follow. Dolina need win and 3 points to stay in race for survival in this league, they will play at home complete and this is do or die game for them because Teleoptik is one of main rivals in this race. Teleoptik will have to play without 3 defenders (2 of them played last night in Serbia u 19 squad against Spain) Bogosavac DF(19/1), Stevanovic DF(19/0) and Sajicic DF(13/0). Nice chance for home team to prolong their chances for survival.
    13 minutes ago

Odds verified!
Javier published new pick:
Bet365  Combo pick » @ 1.95 5/10

Football - Spa. Primera  Atletico Madrid - ElcheAtletico Madrid -1
Football - Spa. Segunda  Tenerife - CD NumanciaTenerife
Ok, Atlético is a banker for any combo in this round. They will win for sure to continue their race for the title. On the other hand Tenerife is one of the best teams in the moment, they are on fire and playing at home are 4 wins and a draw in the last 5, scored 12 goals and conceded just 1. Numancia is a low performance team right now, they are 6 games in a row without winning but however are the team with more draws (17), which is why I'm taking this dnb....
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14 minutes ago   Like  Comment

ventsislav published new pick:

1 day ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
Vivaspain published new pick:
  188bet  Osasuna-Valencia » 1 (0 AH) @ 1.97 2/10
Very important match here for Osasuna. They are with 34 points only 3 points seperated from relegation posicion. On the other hand with the lucky win from Valencia in the weekend against Elche they are kind of finisht this season. Ok officialy they could still reach the 7 posicion, wich gives right to enter EL next year, but with 7 points distance and only 15 points on stake, that would be very difficult.With that in mind, I would not be surprised if Pizzi would due some rotation in this match as they have next week the first match in the EL semi-final against Sevilla. Anyway with or without rotations Valencia have no be performing the entire season when they play away, with only three wins, 5 draws and 8 losses. 13 goals scored and 24 recieved.Osasuna is at home with 5 wins - 4 draws and 7 losses also nothing impressive, but El Sadar will be sold out and they already achieved some good results against teams with big names.Also they have to play next week in and against Real Madrid so that makes this match against Valencia even more important.Dont think Osasuna is going to lose this match, so this DNB looks good.Gl....
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  • Betonrugby This tip is going because the motivation will be in Osasuna. Valencia will focus in Europa League
    20 minutes ago

Odds verified!
mysterion published new pick:
Bet365  Manchester City - Sunderland » Over 3.5 (Cards O/U-FT) @ 2.25 2/10

This match has no secret, M.City is going to win comfortably. But its the time before the first goal whats going to determine this bet. If Sunderland can go for 30 minutes without getting scored on i think this might be a good pick. Let me explain why: Sunderland are in the last place with 2 matched less than the 3 teams above them. They need to get points no matter how. They will try to stop City from scoring by any method, and that means kicking, grabbing, tripping...  Lets go with a small stake for this match. My pick: over 3.5 cards...
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Odds verified!
lingo published new pick:
  Bet365  FK Atlantas - Ekranas Panevezys » FK Atlantas (1X2-FT) @ 1.83 3/10

This is way too high odd. Yes Atlentas didn't start this seasona s they expected. Their goal fro this season was to give Zalgiris serious challenge for title but for now they didn't impress although it is still early and after Zalgiris slip if Atlantas wins here they come to just -3 of big rival. In terms of quality not much to compare here. Host much better side, Ekranas as you know playing mostly with their youth. They even have mnore points on account I maybe expected but I woulnd't overestimate them though. Atlantas already should start shwing their value and justify tag of main Zalgiris rival for title. Think odd gives too much credit to few decent result Ekranas picked up. There is much more difference between this sides. ...
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2 hours ago   Like  Comment

  • ngsh I don't wanna interrupt the discussion, but I have to say that bet365 offers AH -0.5 @1.925.
    56 minutes ago

  • lingo Yes. I agree league is getting better. I said my prediction is Zalgiris champions, Atlantas 2nd, Banga, Kruoja, Trakai 3-5. Ok you mention also Granitas, i don't see them top 5 but decent side. I do rate Atlantas more because Trakai and all are new faces not being new but new players it will all need time, Atlantas has been team in making for some time now and there I see their potential for number 2 spot. Trakai, Kruoja all got good players signed but Atlantas just seems more solid grounds, not over night.
    40 minutes ago

  • RiskLt I agree with you that Granitas is not a top 5 team. But they have a potencial to create some sensational results, to steal points from not motivated teams. The main rivals will be Trakai-Atlantas-Banga. At the moment, I would say that more chances have Banga. Even all 3 team have good defence line. The best attacking potencial is in a Trakai side. Mamaev,Labukas. Still, it is only a start of the season, hard to predict something, because nobody is avoided from injuries, some problems with budget. The last 10 games depends on how much money team has. I mean they start to pay money for underdogs, to steal points from rivals and it is quite common thing in Lithuania.
    31 minutes ago

Odds verified!
mysterion published new pick:
  William Hill  Everton - Crystal Palace FC » Everton (To Win To Nil-FT) @ 2.05 4/10

Everton come in to this match knowing that Arsenal won and has taken 4th place (champions league position). Everton has it in their own hands to qualify for CL, they just have to at least do the same points as Arsenal starting today with a victory.  Everton has only conceded 13 goals playing at home, making that the 4th best in the league. They also come from a 7 game win streak when playing home.  On the other hand Crystal Palace are sitting comfortably 7 points away from relegation. As a visitor CP has only managed to score 9 goals! and that gives them the worst mark of the league. I think Everton should win this comfortably, and if they manage to stop the few oportunities that CP is going to have they should have a clean sheet by the end of the match. My pick: Everton to win to nil...
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Odds verified!
BabyShaq published new pick:
  PINNACLE  Kouvot - Lapuan Korikobrat » Over 177 @ 1.89 6/10
Why not? I already placed 12 units on Kouvot-12.5 but I think Over is a great option too. Even without Gregg Thondique Kouvola scored 95.2 PPG in the last 5 matches at home. Gibson, Hawkins, Colimon, Kaunisto and Seppala is definitely a lot of firepower. They can easily score 100 points against Korikobrat because Lapua’s defense is awful. But Korikobrat has great scorers like Lawrence Kinnard, Marcus Kitts, Jussi Turja and the best scorer of the Korisliiga, Kyle Fogg (26.8 ppg). 177 points is a lot but I expect round about 100 points from Kouvot and I think Lapua should be able to score in the mid 70’s with all these good scorers....
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46 minutes ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
Wally published new pick:
  Dafabet  EA Guingamp - AS Monaco » AS Monaco -0.5 (AH-FT) @ 1.95 5/10

Tonight the pressure will on AS Monaco in the half final of the Coupe de France. The winner of this match will meet Stade Rennes who has won yesterday in the other half final. AS Monaco is again a topclub after big spents in Falcao, Rodriguez and Moutinho. Guingamp is even like AS Monaco a club who has promoted to the Ligue 1 last year. AS Monaco is now the number 2 in the Ligue 1 and Guingamp stay just 5 points above the relegation zone. AS Monaco and Guingamp have meet eachother in the Ligue 1 this season, AS Monaco won with 0-2. They will meet eachother in some weeks for the second time (Ligue 1). AS Monaco would like to end on the second place in the Ligue 1, because they will reach the Champions League next year. The only price they can get is the Coupe de France, so they need to win tonight. Guingamp is a good team, but they didn’t have good players like AS Monaco.  Guingamp didn’t met a Ligue 1 club in this tournament so far. In the previous round, they have defeat Cannes with 0-2 AS Monaco have punished RC Lens in the previous round with 6-0. RC Lens is a club who is fighting for promotion to the Ligue 1, so they are not much less than Guingamp. However, the hosts are likely to be without two experienced players at the Stade du Roudourou, with midfielder Lionel Mathis (Achilles) and defender Reynald Lemaitre (calf) both expected to miss out. Meanwhile, Monaco remain without Falcao (knee) while left-back Layvin Kurzawa is also sidelined as they aim to win a first major trophy since claiming the 2003 Coupe de la Ligue title.  ...
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Odds verified!
saliva published new pick:
Bet365  Combo pick » @ 1.94 3/10
Tennis - Other  Guillermo Garcia-Lopez v Aleksander DolgopolovAleksander Dolgopolov
(To Win Match)
Tennis - OtherNicolas Mahut v Nicolas AlmagroNicolas Almagro
(To Win Match)
Tennis - Other  Stanislas Wawrinka v Marin CilicStanislas Wawrinka
(To Win Match)
one triple...Dolgopolov in good form this year, Almagro few classes above Mahut on clay and the 3rd one will be a bit complicated but I think Wawrinka is better claycourter...

1 hour ago   Like  Comment

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Wally published new pick:
  SBOBET  Dynamo Kiev-Shakhtar Donetsk » over (2.5 TOT) @ 1.87 6/10
Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar are two of the bigest clubs from the Ukrain. Tonight they will meet eachother. Shakhtar need to win this match to become on the first place again. Dnipro won yesterday the match.  Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar making a lot of goals this season. Dynamo has scored 46 times in 22 matches and Shakhtar 48 times. The average of goals every match is for Kiev 3.3 and Shakhtar 3.00. In their last two meetings the clash ended both times in a over 2.50 goals match. In their last 5 matches, Dynamo Kiev played just once a under2.50 goals game. Shakhtar played 3 times an under 2.50 goals game in the last 5 games. Both teams have players who can score goals easy. I believe in a over 2.50 goals match here....
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Petkov2 published new pick:
  Bet365  AC Sparta Prague W - SK Slavia Prague W » SK Slavia Prague W (1X2-FT) @ 2.25 10/10

"It has in its ranks all experienced quality players who we embarked on the contrary, to go abroad to try football, and replace them with younger toy," says Žovinec fact that cadre sparťankých soccer players currently undergoing a generational change....
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scaramangaaa published new pick:
Bet365  Albirex Niigata - Ventforet Kofu » Albirex Niigata (1X2-1HF) @ 2.40 10/10

For guest brazilian striker Cristiano and midfielder Marquinhos are rested, capitan Yamamoto on the bench. For host capitan Kentaro on he bench. Some risk because this pick in on the first half, but i see value on this. GL...
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2aBet published new pick:
BWIN  Ferrol - Oviedo » X2 @ 1.95 6/10
Group 1 Racing de Ferrol 2º 57 points11W/3D/2L Home Oviedo 5º 53 points 8W/3D/6L Away I do not understand this high odds for Oviedo (win 4.1). They are two very good teams fighting for playoff posts and I think they should be more equal. The best home team against the best away team, which has the clear objective to get a place in the top four and this is a great opportunity, defeating a rival. I take this opportunity to double chance but I do not rule out a low stake in the victory....
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