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World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)

Netherlands - Costa Rica

pownage - Home (Match) @ 1.49 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

missed 1,50 odds here but nvm. netherlands with a huge morale boost after their 2 last minute goals against mexico. im 100% sure they will win this with their fast counter-attacks, costa rica cant defend this 90 minutes. they played poorly against greece and they went with 10 in overtime. this game costed a lot of ressources. it could be a close 1-0 or 2-0 win, but i dont think the win for netherlands is in danger at any time.

ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)

R Nadal - J Del Potro

Scholes - J Del Potro ML @ 5.37 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

I always has been saying that players like Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro are the most dangerous opponents for Rafa Nadal because the more stronger you're attack it is the more real chances you'll have against such a great defender like Rafa. The spaniard did won Wimbledon last year and being the defender champoin he should have plenty of motivation, anyway Rafa in every game is very motivated, but in this one only the motivation could not be enough as he will have to past a real difficult task. Del Potro is the player who still didn't achieved anything special in 2011, but if to draw some more attention to his latest games, then I could say that he did increased his level of form in a meaningful way. Del Potro has never been the best grass-courter, but the way he has played till now at Wimbledon speak about some essential improvement and here I mean the improvements certain on his pace and net play. Playing on thw own serve Rafa should be much more under pressure as he could face more difficulties due to his not so great serve and lack of flat shots. All in all, Rafa is still not playing his best and his most stable tennis for a quite long period already, even if he has won the French Open, his stability is not the same as it was in the past, maybe that will change in the future, there are no doubts, but certain is that at the moment there is sense to go against him. Good Luck!

ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)

A Murray - R Gasquet

Scholes - 1 (-5 games) @ 1.99 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

Well, I remember very well the last game between these players, the game from last year at French Open when Richard Gasquet was leading by two sets and has lost at the end. In that game Richard Gasquet had some healthy problems as otherwise he should had been the winner. Ok, that game was at French Open and has been played on clay, now we have a different situation as the surface differ a lot from clay to grass. Gasquet is a great clay-courter, there are no doubts about that, but on grass his level is not the same, in terms of rhythm and peace he should face some dificulties against a player like Andy Murray. IMO, this game should be a battle between Gasquet's attack and Murray's defence which if to speak certain on grass Murray has clear the essential advantages. I agree that Gasquet has been very impressive in the latest period, but every single game is a new task and playing against a much more difficult player and besides that on grass the frenchman should rather face some real dificulties. Good Luck!

ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)

R Nadal - A Murray

Scholes - 1 (-7 games) @ 2.22 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

Well, these two players will play for the first time here at French Open. Andy Murray still have the ankle injury opened and that could affect him today as game after game this problem could be more serious. Rafael Nadal didn"t started too well this year his best tournament French open, but after his game against Robin Soderling he has showed that he is back in action as he has played much much better than in his first games. Well, speaking about the difference in style between thesee two players because IMO certain this is the most important aspect here, I just have to mentionate that Murray do not possess any dangerous quality against Rafa, Andy is a player who can defend very well, but when it comes to attack he is nothing else than just a medium player. On clay, Andy will alaways have very few chances against Rafa as the spaniard is the best defender in the world and only by being stable from the baseline you just can not have some real chances against a player like Rafa. All in all, Rafa has some very clear advantages in style against Andy, so he should be all in control for this game. Good Luck!

WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)

M Kirilenko - A Rus

Scholes - 1 (-4 games) @ 1.99 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

Well, these two players are playing two clear different style of tennis. Maria Kirilenko is the player who defends, a defender one while Arantxa Rus is the player who attacks any time she has the chance to attack. The difference in terms of class between these two players is clear and so meaningful. there is a lot about Arantxa Rus victory against Kim Clijsters as she got overrated after that suprising win of course, but let me tell you that Kim has played with a such increased number of errors as he has destroyed her chances by herself. All in all. Kirilenko comes after a bad period and now at French Open she shows some signs of a better form, class should have the word here. Good Luck!

ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

F Verdasco - Ljubicic

Scholes - 1 (-2.5 set) @ 3.5 [10/10] (Interwetten)

Well, after all Fernando Verdasco has started to play his tennis and IMO this is the perfect moment to go on his side as he is clear a much better player than the croat man Ivan Ljubicic who besides serve and powerful groundstrokes do not possess any other serious quality. Ljubicic is a player who depends a lot of his serve as in case that his game lacks the accuracy he has no other choices than to risk with the winners. Verdasco can play amaing tennis and we all know that, so this game will all be about how Verdasco will play, or better said how many errors will be in his play. Verdasco showed some stable and nice tennis so far here at French Open, so this is the moment to go on his side. Good Luck!

ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

M Fish - G Simon

Scholes - 2 (2.5 set) @ 3.25 [10/10] (Interwetten)

Well, this is the end for Mardy Fish, belive me:), this player is not for clay, yes no doubts that he did well on this surface till now, but still he lacks many aspects for being a complete clay-courter. Gilles Simon is playing his best tennis on clay and he is also playing at home which is another advantage for him. Simon is a great defender who can play so stable from the baseline and can read so well the opponent's game as I really can't imagine Mardy Fish winning a set here. Simon is just clear much much better than Fish on clay, so very nice value here. Good Luck!

WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)

S Kuznetsova - I Begu

Scholes - 1 (-4.5 games) @ 1.89 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

Well, our today's odds surely have a lot of do with the last game between these two players, no doubts about that as Irina-Camelia Begu defeated in three sets Svetlana Kuznetsova at Marbella. Speaking about that game I just have to mentionate that the russian player purely didn't played not even closer to her real level, there were so many unforced errors in her play and the romanian player managed to get the victory due to all those errors. Now, the situation is just another one as Svetlana Kuznetsova is playing her normal tennis and in normal conditions she should surely have all the control for this game as she will play against Begu, a player not difficult at all for her level. Svetlana Kuznetsova can play amazing tennis on clay and now that she has started to play agin stable we should go on her side. Good Luck!

Football - Ger. DFB Pokal (08-08-2015) +4  1
Aalen - Nurnberg
Nurnberg @ 2.2 [5/10] MYBET
Football - Champions L (04-08-2015) +4  3
Ajax - Rapid Wien
Ajax @ 1.9 [10/10] Admiral
Football - Netherlands (08-08-2015) +2  1
Zwolle - Cambuur
Cambuur (+0.5) @ 2.08 [5/10] SBOBET
Football - Champions L (05-08-2015) +2  1
Astana - Helsinki
Astana @ 1.75 [10/10] Interwetten
Football - Netherlands (09-08-2015) +2  1
Groningen - Twente
Groningen (+0) @ 2 [8/10] Bet365

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Odds verified!
Pauloxbets published new pick:
PINNACLE  Kenny De Schepper - Paul-Henri Mathieu » Away -4 Games (Match) @ 1.8 2/10
ATP Kitzbuhel Mathieu plays great this times. He pass trough qualifications easily in Bastad and here. De Schepper cant make him in doubt i think.

10 minutes ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
James published new pick:
PINNACLE  Angelique Kerber - Daria Gavrilova » Home (Match) ML @ 1.41 6/10
kerber did great last 2 months and onlye wimbledom runner up muguruza managed to win to her twice. Besides she managed to win two times to gravilova, I think she could start the hard season on a good note here...
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16 minutes ago   Like  Comment

Benfica win?

1 hour ago   Like  Comment

  • Conscious Strong home support for Monterrey. I think it will be a close match. Monterrey have much more to lose infront home crowd. For Benfica it will be another friendly.
    53 minutes ago

  • Conscious + the referee is Francisco ChacΓ³n, he is mexican.
    34 minutes ago

Odds verified!
James published new pick:
BETWAY  Taylor Townsend - Irina Falconi » Irina Falconi (Win-Match) @ 1.57 7/10

I think this is a no brainer given how this 2 did this year, only reason this odd is that high is the h2h, but TT had a terrible year, also on hard courts

35 minutes ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
Brasil wrote a new blog entry:
Dear all, i never stopped to write about my own stats but having more than 3k picks, i'm obliged to share those thoughts here. 1) Bookies: I placed (a)78% of my picks on Pinnacle; (b)12% on 188bet,Sbobet and Dafabet,(c) 7% on Bet365 and (d) 3% on others. I do consider letters (c) and (d) crap bookies but i was obliged to bet with them in most of time due absence of (a) and (b) covering trash games. I realized my stats would be more interesting if i decrease bookies (c) and (d) even not betting in trash tournaments i used to follow such as Paulista's 3rd division, Brazilian u19, Carioca's u19 and second division, Basketball u22, Paraibano and Pernambucano's tournaments, etc. That said, i can affirm in long term that (a) and (b) will raise their % because i almost stopped to bet on(c) and (d) 2) Profit: a)60% on Pinnacle; b)18% on 188bet,Sbobet and Dafabet; c) 14% on Bet365 and d)8% on others. Even not counting on fake and ridiculous profit from crap bookies and staking less than 5 units average per match, i managed to end last year in a good position among premium tipsters. Please do note i placed bets on crap bookies mainly because asian bookies don't cover small tournaments. As an underdog bettor, i'm aware i could have explored for instance the magic world of bet365. Sometimes they offer odds around@7 while asian offers @4. Another field for smart bettors looking for yield rather than money is the fact Bet365 offers in advance many games pretending(yes, Bet365 don't care) not be aware about reservers, no ambitions of one of the teams, etc. So, it is quite normal odds starting on big odds and when those odds drop 30/40%, the asians appears. Limits for those matches usually are not more than 12 euros in Bet365. That's why i skip from Bet365 in brazilian games. My advice to non-asian bookies picks is to inform the limit of the pick or admit limits are really ridiculous saying for instance: "Sorry, guys, only Bet365 is offering it. Really low limits but i like that league.." or " Hey, guys, I'm taking profit Bet365 was the first one to offer it and as they are pretending not be aware about …, i will try to increase my yields". 3) Early picks are not welcome: DonΒ΄t expect on Football early picks of 500 dollars. Maybe one in 500. Almost never less than 1.000 dollars. I do place picks when limits are between 1k and 6k dollars. My commitment is towards profit. Mine or yours. I would say picks are placed in general when 2k dollars options is already available on Pinnacle but average is even higher; around 3k.It means: i never was an early bettor(no fake yields) despite few early bets. Please read next chapter to realize what happens with not early bettors regarding yields. For instance, every week i miss, i skip or i take worst odds on many bets in a favorite team in which, according my eyes, is paying, let's say, @1.9 when limit is still 250 dollars; @1.8 in 500 dollars and finally @1.6 when ML starts on 1k and AH in 2k to 6k dollars. It means i cannot increase my yield acting on that way but this is the way i like to work. So, the early bettor boost his yield and help out bookies to not lose real money. By the way, when an early bettor goes to paid service, nobody will know about limits of his past picks and probably that is not healthy and fair. Like crap bookies, it should have a tool imho as the red and yellow warnings(!) to evaluate this. Or is it possible to create a warning for every single pick saying about limits like(pick placed when limits was on1/8 of the highest limit?) It is an unfair contest, for instance, 2 bettors of same tournament to be evaluate in same boat if one places his bets in a market of 250 dollars whereas another one in the 1k/2k market(ML in brazilian football) or 50 and 450 dollars respectively (AH in brazilian basketball). "Time of posting", only available for paid tipsters, is already useful but not the ideal tool. The goal is not about a competition among blogabettors but a way to people realize our aim should be to make more money instead help bookies to lose less money. If someone explores early market because lack of big money, ok, no problem at all. However, if someone explore early market "betting play money" in order to create fake yields, so we have a real problem. That said, my first advice is to extend" time of posting" for non paid tipsters as well and second advice is…. i don' t know. Which tool could be helpful to distinguish different bettors from same tournament? Please do notice this is not a prejudice against early bets. Maybe it is just the opposite. I'm quite sure many bettors prefer to place a bet 4 or 7 times early than others. So, they could find out "their" tipsters easily as well. 4) Profit instead yield: I'm talking about almost 3400 picks. Is it clear? I love quantity once i have enough time to place bets. IΒ΄m a Full Time Bettor. 5% of 5.000 k is 5x bigger than 50% of 100k. I prefer 3 digits of profit rather than 2 digits of yield. As someone else already wrote here: "When you buy a car, you don' t buy it with yields" 5) Write-ups: a)3400 explained picks. Intuitu personΓ¦ job.I prove the child is mine (never a random pick) and that i'm aware about what is going on; b)i give opportunity to everyone contradict my words as well and even pick the opposite option ;c) Sometimes i'm writing reasons before place the pick and then i realize i'm not so convinced reading my own words. It happens often. It is also helpful to avoid bets in rush; d) I do not erase comments except those with bad words. Critics are welcome. Democracy should be a key word in the world. Every time and everywhere.At home or in public. 6) Database: First i betted more than 3000 times. Then i became a paid tipster. It means my Database was born in front of your eyes. The long database should be understood as a weapon to decrease the chance of a disaster. You never faced a big losing streak after 400 picks? Nope? Well, and after 2.500 picks? Can you see how this is important to protect your money? Nothing is worst (i mean better) than a losing streak. The entire world blames you even if you re a free tipster. You share red waves among people and you get back a rain of not kind thoughts. Even worse: you lose really big money once you deal with big money instead play money. You know those boring persons saying: "you will never understand what is to be a father if you don' t have kids". They are right. The same happens here. A big losing streak hurts but bring us many lessons not easy to explain but really helpful to avoid same mistakes. So, i'm not talking about any database created somewhere in the past in the land of fantasy. It is very common people say they are making profits since many years. It is really easy to open a blog; to make a nice introduction and get around 100 followers….. even before your first pick. All you have to do is to be a good seller. People will believe on you because bet and dreams are pretty close into each other. Few tipsters could even make a home graphics of the past. Well, if i had(or have) graphics or past bets, i would never write about it if i cannot prove it. I don' t like that approach at all. Those guys could sell Bible for an atheist. By the way, it seems Blogabet cannot stop that kind of fake advertising. People say what they want and others believe in what they want as well. Don't be naive. 7) Long run: In theory it is quite easy to understand the meaning of a long run but once you pay for a service and take part of a bad wave, many of clients forget really fast the theory. And when that client leaves the service, guess what happens: the green wave comes back. So, once you really believe on a tipster work(mainly on his database), try to get in more than 6 months at least and probably real profit will take place. Otherwise, you gonna lose money and be angry with yourself due an early left. 8)Reset: I do respect it. And the truth is that is not so important. Many good blogs have already done. I almost did it as well. Anyway, i survived. Well, i never reached more than 12% yield. Never. I lived with minus yield when i had around 250 picks. But if you intend to do a reset and even then be proud of your past results, you should include your top bookies on screenshot and you should say whether or not you were an early bettor(did you remember my advice on item 3 above? ...Now you realize the lack of a good weapon regarding early bets) Conclusion: If you just like 2 digits yield (wow!) instead real profit, you will never like my blog. I just think you should analyze the 7 first items mentioned above in every single blog. Ever. Still, you will probably never find my blog on the right side of front page among "Top Paid services" because you will ever find here on "Top bookmakers" Pinnacle easily in first position and 188bet,Sbobet and Dafabet fighting into each other for a spot on the podium Yours,@brasil ...
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  • vijay Lot of comments here .. I dont have time to read them .. but i want to say, brazil is number 1 paid tipster in this forum .. Dot .. Gl brasil ..
    4 days ago

  • Brasil hey@fabricio Nice to meet you. Santa Catarina is a nice place. IΒ΄m carioca. But watch out: we cannot dialogue amenities here in order to not spam the main feed, ok dude?I know you re a newbie but this is the first rule. once you have enough time here, you can use PM. Once you have big money and you have good results you can multiply your money.Se vc for bom e tiver muito dinheiro, vc pode fazer muito lucro apostando como eu fiz nos ΓΊltimos anos. A gente nΓ£o pode conversar amenidades aqui na pΓ‘gina principal porque isso Γ© tomado como spam. essa Γ© a regra nΓΊmero 1 aqui. sei que vc Γ© novo na Γ‘rea,em breve vc poderΓ‘ usar mensagens pessoais.
    4 days ago

  • T3XT 4RT β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ
    45 minutes ago

Odds verified!
TeamAga published new pick:
PINNACLE  Angelique Kerber - Daria Gavrilova » Away (Match) ML @ 3.18 7/10
-Kerber had injury problem, so she is not in her top form, but on the other side is Gavrilova who is known as someone who is playing good against top 20 players, so with all of that I think that she can win this match...
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Odds verified!
TeamAga published new pick:
PINNACLE  Sam Groth - Thomaz Bellucci » Away (Match) ML @ 2.23 10/10
-For me Bellucci is a clear favourite here, he is olayong really confident so I think he can win this in two sets

1 hour ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
TeamAga published new pick:
PINNACLE  Monica Niculescu - Lara Arruabarrena » Away (Match) ML @ 3.26 5/10
-Lara is playing really good and she can make a surprise sometimes, and I think that she can win against Monica, especialy since these two never played head to head so it would be a tough match

2 hours ago   Like  Comment

Odds verified!
If chicago will score one more i'll eat my shoes on stream.

3 hours ago   Like  Comment

  • wintowin i think they will. they have whole season to go..
    3 hours ago

  • prodigy ?
    2 hours ago

  • T3XT 4RT ________________$$$$
    2 hours ago

Odds verified!
tennismennister published new pick:
Bet365  Combo pick » @ 2.016 2/10
Tennis - OtherTaylor Townsend vs Irina FalconiIrina Falconi
(To Win Match)
Tennis - OtherSantiago Giraldo vs Rogerio Dutra SilvaSantiago Giraldo
(To Win Match)
townsend did in against falconi the only time they met, but here townsend is a joke, i guess she made some intial money and now she looses out to just about everyone! loeb 394, arconada 465, graham 602, and ooesterhout 732, it shows i would personally go out 2-0 but she is capable of doing it but since out of form not much going on to win full match will take gladly falconi who is up on the rise and in great touch easy win. now coming onto giraldo he is a class player if he plays but now again dutra silva has played far too many matches already and he is altough in good touch having beaten berlocq in qualifying round and two of them 3 setters and 35 matches in 3 months should loose out on stamina against better player who has beaten twice last two times 2-0...
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Odds verified!
https://youtu.be/Oa-vinUYlU0CSKA Sofia lost in friendly in Bulgaria to 2nd division club from Israel.0-1.look at their fans chasing Ashdiod players.I can't stop laughing.I am glad this match wasn't available for betting cos I would havel lose my money.lol,Shame tho to see such hate still even these days and call it friendly......
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Odds verified!
tennismennister published new pick:
Bet365  Combo pick » @ 2.71703 2/10
Tennis - OtherMonica Niculescu vs Lara ArruabarrenaMonica Niculescu
(To Win Match)
Tennis - OtherLukas Lacko vs Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson
(To Win Match)
Tennis - OtherLouisa Chirico vs Heather WatsonHeather Watson
(To Win Match)
Tennis - OtherAngelique Kerber vs Daria GavrilovaAngelique Kerber
(To Win Match)
niculescu, johnson, watson and kerber all in great touch recently and where the money is going, we might get a void but will not take any of them loosing out here!

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Why is it not possible to cash out if you bet double chance in BF? If I'd go Portland +1 instead of it , it would probably be, I mean it is most of the time. Why can't I do the same with the double chance, though money was on other sides as well, enough of it...
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RussianInsider published new pick:
Bet365  Mlada Boleslav U21 - Teplice U21 » Mlada Boleslav U21 -1.75 (AH-FT) @ 1.8 6/10

Correct line shall be -2.75 Good value for Mlada, this is early market pick. Line will move towards kick off for surely. 

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Hahahaha. What an incredible finish by the LA Dodgers. Scoring a 2-run Home Run in the bottom Extra Inning to ensure the over 7.5 line. Perfect ;D

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SportsCapping365 published new pick:
PINNACLE  Aleksandra Krunic - Madison Keys » Under 19 (Match) @ 2.09 2/10
Two early WTA games from Stanford, that I feel will lose some juice by the game time tomorrow! Both expected to end up early, both Unders!

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oh poor boca lol

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WITS published new pick:
PINNACLE  Ranheim - Sogndal » Home (Match) @ 3 2/10
Ranhiem have picked up four wins and one draw in their last five fixtures which equates to 13 points from a potential 15, this form is certainly direct promotion form yet along play off form, Ranhiem are probably not contenders for the direct promotion place but certainly, you would expect Rnahiem to in the mix for a play off position for sure. Nonetheless, their form is absolute out of this world and not what you would expect of a side which probably has aim to be competitive or even make the play offs yet alone promotion. On the other hand we have Sogndal who are unbeaten in their last five fixtures with zero losses, three draws and two wins equating to 9 points from a possibly fifteen. For a team that is topping the table, I do not believe this is the best of form for Sognal, 9/15 is usually form that you would expect possibly from a side comfortably in the play offs battling for promotion, not a side going for the title in my view. For me, Sognal are a side who should be going for the title and instant promotion back into the first divison of Norwegian soccer as they certainly have the ability. For me, this bet has value simply because of Ranhiem form, they have been the best team in the division alongisde Sadness in their last five fixtures, to top it off, they have added motivation as to not loose to much ground on the play off pack. Sognal can loose and still have four points on top of the leaderboard going into the 18th round which is a modest and not bad at all. Ranhiem last couple of games at home have been outstanding, they have been blowing teams away, if they beat Hodd 4-1 surely odd 3 on this is just too lucrative considering current situations. ...
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  • Syphos hey @Wits, do you only use asians and how much per unit?
    5 hours ago

  • WITS Yes, full time job for me and 100 euro a unit.
    5 hours ago

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grafpotemkin published new pick:
PINNACLE  Kristina Mladenovic (+1.5 Sets) - Samantha Stosur (-1.5 Sets) » Home (Match) ML @ 1.74 2/10
Stosur is 3-0 against Mladenovic, but the last 2 matches were decided in the 3rd, and the one they played on hard could have gone either way. Besides, Mladenovic made QF in Washington last year and I think that she has improved a lot in 2015, she is more mature and competitive. No doubt that the Australian is still the favourite to win this one, but I don't think it will be an easy match for her....
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WITS published new pick:
PINNACLE  FC KTP - Vaasa VPS » Home (Match) @ 2.49 3/10
KTP enter this round in the Veikkausliiga in 11th place, second to last in the table. They have picked up two draws and one win as well as two losses in their last five fixtures in the divison. This equates to five points from a possible fifteen in the divison, form reminiscent of a side which should be in a relegation scrap but slightly beating it in 8th/9th. What I mean is, only face value, their form looks pretty treacherous but for a team that finished runner up in the second division and is now playing in the first is pretty good, it shows fighting spirit suggesting they want to stay up despite any investment or addition of players in the transfer window. On the other hand we have VPS, who enter this round in the Veikkausliiga in rock bottom last albeit with two games in hand above the team above them (KPS). Their form has been terrible, zero wins, three draws and two losses in their last five fixtures is very bad, signs of a side that will most likely relegated from the division. Unlike Kps, where you would expect an atypical form this is very unlike VPS who finished in top four last season. It is fair to say they are in a crisis and do need divine intervention, they did loose quite a few players from last years campaign, so my guess is they did not do enough in the window to maintain competition. I feel as if this is going to be a closely contended game but nonetheless, I see value because a game which is tight could come down to tactical wit. Vuorinen who I believe is the VPS intermin manager at the moment will find it hard to manage his side in such a crisis and more so in a game which is going to require managerial nause to give an opponent edge, however Ristila has bags of experience especially when finished second in the Ykkonen, he has played in big matches and knows how to prepare his side which could give his side the much needed edge not to talk of the home support....
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