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  • Sellers\' picks in XLS

    Sellers' picks in XLS

    Feb 24 2015, 08:00

    You can now download Sellers' picks in XLS file from their blogs.

  • World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)

    Netherlands - Costa Rica

    pownage - Home (Match) @ 1.49 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    missed 1,50 odds here but nvm. netherlands with a huge morale boost after their 2 last minute goals against mexico. im 100% sure they will win this with their fast counter-attacks, costa rica cant defend this 90 minutes. they played poorly against greece and they went with 10 in overtime. this game costed a lot of ressources. it could be a close 1-0 or 2-0 win, but i dont think the win for netherlands is in danger at any time.

    ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)

    R Nadal - J Del Potro

    Scholes - J Del Potro ML @ 5.37 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

    I always has been saying that players like Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro are the most dangerous opponents for Rafa Nadal because the more stronger you're attack it is the more real chances you'll have against such a great defender like Rafa. The spaniard did won Wimbledon last year and being the defender champoin he should have plenty of motivation, anyway Rafa in every game is very motivated, but in this one only the motivation could not be enough as he will have to past a real difficult task. Del Potro is the player who still didn't achieved anything special in 2011, but if to draw some more attention to his latest games, then I could say that he did increased his level of form in a meaningful way. Del Potro has never been the best grass-courter, but the way he has played till now at Wimbledon speak about some essential improvement and here I mean the improvements certain on his pace and net play. Playing on thw own serve Rafa should be much more under pressure as he could face more difficulties due to his not so great serve and lack of flat shots. All in all, Rafa is still not playing his best and his most stable tennis for a quite long period already, even if he has won the French Open, his stability is not the same as it was in the past, maybe that will change in the future, there are no doubts, but certain is that at the moment there is sense to go against him. Good Luck!

    ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)

    A Murray - R Gasquet

    Scholes - 1 (-5 games) @ 1.99 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, I remember very well the last game between these players, the game from last year at French Open when Richard Gasquet was leading by two sets and has lost at the end. In that game Richard Gasquet had some healthy problems as otherwise he should had been the winner. Ok, that game was at French Open and has been played on clay, now we have a different situation as the surface differ a lot from clay to grass. Gasquet is a great clay-courter, there are no doubts about that, but on grass his level is not the same, in terms of rhythm and peace he should face some dificulties against a player like Andy Murray. IMO, this game should be a battle between Gasquet's attack and Murray's defence which if to speak certain on grass Murray has clear the essential advantages. I agree that Gasquet has been very impressive in the latest period, but every single game is a new task and playing against a much more difficult player and besides that on grass the frenchman should rather face some real dificulties. Good Luck!

    ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)

    R Nadal - A Murray

    Scholes - 1 (-7 games) @ 2.22 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players will play for the first time here at French Open. Andy Murray still have the ankle injury opened and that could affect him today as game after game this problem could be more serious. Rafael Nadal didn"t started too well this year his best tournament French open, but after his game against Robin Soderling he has showed that he is back in action as he has played much much better than in his first games. Well, speaking about the difference in style between thesee two players because IMO certain this is the most important aspect here, I just have to mentionate that Murray do not possess any dangerous quality against Rafa, Andy is a player who can defend very well, but when it comes to attack he is nothing else than just a medium player. On clay, Andy will alaways have very few chances against Rafa as the spaniard is the best defender in the world and only by being stable from the baseline you just can not have some real chances against a player like Rafa. All in all, Rafa has some very clear advantages in style against Andy, so he should be all in control for this game. Good Luck!

    WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)

    M Kirilenko - A Rus

    Scholes - 1 (-4 games) @ 1.99 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players are playing two clear different style of tennis. Maria Kirilenko is the player who defends, a defender one while Arantxa Rus is the player who attacks any time she has the chance to attack. The difference in terms of class between these two players is clear and so meaningful. there is a lot about Arantxa Rus victory against Kim Clijsters as she got overrated after that suprising win of course, but let me tell you that Kim has played with a such increased number of errors as he has destroyed her chances by herself. All in all. Kirilenko comes after a bad period and now at French Open she shows some signs of a better form, class should have the word here. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    F Verdasco - Ljubicic

    Scholes - 1 (-2.5 set) @ 3.5 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, after all Fernando Verdasco has started to play his tennis and IMO this is the perfect moment to go on his side as he is clear a much better player than the croat man Ivan Ljubicic who besides serve and powerful groundstrokes do not possess any other serious quality. Ljubicic is a player who depends a lot of his serve as in case that his game lacks the accuracy he has no other choices than to risk with the winners. Verdasco can play amaing tennis and we all know that, so this game will all be about how Verdasco will play, or better said how many errors will be in his play. Verdasco showed some stable and nice tennis so far here at French Open, so this is the moment to go on his side. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    M Fish - G Simon

    Scholes - 2 (2.5 set) @ 3.25 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, this is the end for Mardy Fish, belive me:), this player is not for clay, yes no doubts that he did well on this surface till now, but still he lacks many aspects for being a complete clay-courter. Gilles Simon is playing his best tennis on clay and he is also playing at home which is another advantage for him. Simon is a great defender who can play so stable from the baseline and can read so well the opponent's game as I really can't imagine Mardy Fish winning a set here. Simon is just clear much much better than Fish on clay, so very nice value here. Good Luck!

    WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)

    S Kuznetsova - I Begu

    Scholes - 1 (-4.5 games) @ 1.89 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, our today's odds surely have a lot of do with the last game between these two players, no doubts about that as Irina-Camelia Begu defeated in three sets Svetlana Kuznetsova at Marbella. Speaking about that game I just have to mentionate that the russian player purely didn't played not even closer to her real level, there were so many unforced errors in her play and the romanian player managed to get the victory due to all those errors. Now, the situation is just another one as Svetlana Kuznetsova is playing her normal tennis and in normal conditions she should surely have all the control for this game as she will play against Begu, a player not difficult at all for her level. Svetlana Kuznetsova can play amazing tennis on clay and now that she has started to play agin stable we should go on her side. Good Luck!

    Football - Ita. Serie A (04-04-2015) +4  1
    Inter - Parma
    Inter (-1.5) @ 1.9 [5/10] SBOBET
    Football - Ita. Serie A (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Palermo - Milan
    Palermo (+0) @ 1.69 [7/10] SBOBET
    Football - Ita. Serie A (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Roma - Napoli
    Napoli (+0.25) @ 1.9 [5/10] SBOBET
    Football - Europa League (16-04-2015) +2  1
    Wolfsburg - Napoli
    Napoli (+0.5) @ 1.92 [7/10] SBOBET
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Amkar - Rubin Kazan
    1X @ 2 [5/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (06-04-2015) +2  1
    Syrianska - Sirius
    1X @ 1.8 [5/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Admira - Grodig
    X2 @ 1.75 [5/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (02-04-2015) +2  1
    Varese - Catania
    1X @ 1.61 [5/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (02-04-2015) +2  1
    Pro Vercelli - Vicenza
    X2 @ 1.6 [6/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (05-04-2015) +2  1
    Esbjerg - Midtjylland
    1X @ 1.75 [5/10] Bet365
    Football - Ita. Serie B (01-04-2015) +2  1
    Carpi - Bologna
    Bologna (+0.25) @ 1.79 [7/10] SBOBET
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Torquay - Dartford
    X2 @ 2.25 [4/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Dinamo Moscow - Lokomotiv Moscow
    X2 @ 2.05 [4/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (02-04-2015) +2  1
    Entella - Perugia
    Perugia (+0) @ 1.91 [4/10] SBOBET
    Football - Other (03-04-2015) +2  1
    Brighton - Norwich
    Over 2 @ 1.7 [6/10] SBOBET
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Montpellier - Bastia
    Montpellier (-0.75) @ 2.28 [4/10] SBOBET
    Football - Other (01-04-2015) +2  1
    Iwata - Tochigi
    X2 @ 2.25 [4/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (01-04-2015) +2  1
    Okayama - Omiya
    1X @ 1.66 [6/10] Bet365
    Football - Other (04-04-2015) +2  1
    Albacete - Las Palmas
    1X @ 1.7 [6/10] Bet365
    Football - Switzerland (02-04-2015) +2  1
    Winterthur - Wohlen
    Both 2 Score - Yes @ 1.83 [5/10] Bet365

    Net profit in units April, 2015(0)

    Net profit in units 2015(+996)

    1. Lawrence+ $95148. BestFootba...+ $4
    2. Brasil+ $27949. batigol+ $4
    3. Nickelback+ $16550. the_only_o...+ $3
    4. Kneipe+ $15851. Sacamano+ $2
    5. picks fmcd...+ $15452. manxif2+ $1
    6. feelingten...+ $12153. Reckoner+ $1
    7. krom85+ $9654. paralias+ $1
    8. Basketismy...+ $8255. torres- $0
    9. Bulletman3...+ $7856. djone- $1
    10. safin1+ $5757. zizou10067...- $1
    11. Rado+ $5658. lokutus- $2
    12. Abelardo+ $5559. mentalist- $3
    13. For3+ $4660. vivaspain- $3
    14. Lapeno+ $4661. theowltips- $3
    15. 1komma7+ $4362. JGJ7- $4
    16. jeantips+ $3963. metizor- $4
    17. calcio2cal...+ $3464. andycap- $4
    18. SAbobic+ $2965. zebra_pick...- $5
    19. Knipser+ $2866. PintuR- $5
    20. thightbitc...+ $2767. pelatis- $6
    21. geri+ $2768. SHendry- $7
    22. SerbianTip...+ $2469. Spain-Bets- $7
    23. Fozzie+ $2370. Vlack- $9
    24. Dimitar88+ $2271. msprincipa...- $12
    25. Irischer-f...+ $2172. videohero- $13
    26. Felix1976+ $2173. barronek- $20
    27. macaceresp+ $2074. pkgrem- $20
    28. inittowini...+ $1875. doctorbets- $27
    29. thinkerofb...+ $1676. Squiz- $30
    30. Praxis+ $1577. sporttips2...- $30
    31. SATips+ $1378. jouley- $39
    32. fromprague+ $1379. soccer1x2- $47
    33. four+ $1280. ph33eur- $48
    34. fintas+ $1281. Mrbetting8...- $49
    35. Annette54+ $1182. eurobasket- $63
    36. skandinavo...+ $1083. SoccerShar...- $77
    37. ultieme+ $984. systemedge- $88
    38. Rikk+ $985. MilosNS- $89
    39. betonrugby+ $986. octopuspic...- $90
    40. K.Barcella...+ $887. MoneyGuara...- $93
    41. Oliasbet+ $888. MatWeasel- $111
    42. Maudit+ $889. alea- $116
    43. Kiev10+ $690. Football-M...- $138
    44. torkens+ $691. totalrugby- $143
    45. doko+ $592. Nistelrooy- $185
    46. croton+ $593. BookieBash...- $328
    47. georgeweah...+ $5
    * Premium tipsters, picks with verified odds only.


    1. SerbianTi...+30%26. Reckoner+9%
    2. Lapeno+27%27. djone+8%
    3. croton+24%28. Annette54+8%
    4. Vlack+17%29. sporttips...+8%
    5. vivaspain+17%30. feelingte...+8%
    6. SAbobic+17%31. inittowin...+8%
    7. batigol+16%32. theowltip...+8%
    8. safin1+16%33. JGJ7+8%
    9. Rikk+15%34. doko+8%
    10. Rado+15%35. macaceres...+8%
    11. For3+14%36. calcio2ca...+8%
    12. thinkerof...+14%37. krom85+8%
    13. ultieme+13%38. Maudit+8%
    14. Oliasbet+12%39. pelatis+8%
    15. SHendry+12%40. the_only_...+7%
    16. Kneipe+12%41. Bulletman...+7%
    17. frompragu...+11%42. Brasil+7%
    18. torres+11%43. torkens+7%
    19. Felix1976+11%44. eurobaske...+7%
    20. betonrugb...+11%45. MoneyGuar...+6%
    21. SATips+11%46. manxif2+6%
    22. skandinav...+11%47. Abelardo+6%
    23. mentalist+10%48. andycap+6%
    24. Knipser+9%49. paralias+6%
    25. Basketism...+9%50. Mrbetting...+6%
    * Premium, 200+ picks, active during last 30 days

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    4. Marathonbet 2355314. Sportingbet 1914
    5. SBOBET 1132715. BETWAY 1736
    6. William Hill 973416. Coral 1530
    7. Ladbrokes 693417. Betsson SB 1315
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    My tips for today are online. Good luck to you all :)

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    Bettingbros published new pick:

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    • Bettingbros This is a value bet. Okay Sijsling is not in form but for this odd it's try. Sijsling is on paper better than Kavcic. Good luck (y)
      18 minutes ago

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    Bettingbros published new pick:

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    • Bettingbros Thiem plays yesterday a good match. He has a good serve and is a talent. +5.5 games hc it's enough for Thiem. Murray plays well yesterday against Anderson but Anderson takes a set so why not thiem :)
      18 minutes ago

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    fortunato wrote a new blog entry:
    joining the market
    OK so this was a horrible month for me. First of all I want to sincerely apologize to all that followed me lately. I don't have excuses for this dip in form, I just made plenty of mistakes, taking some bad picks failing to take good ones which happened occasionally, broke my own rules about time of posting picks, making some rash decisions etc. Now I will take a break for two days and take my time to further analyze picks I took this month. I am joining Blogabet market and starting April 1 I will post paid picks on a daily basis alongside occasional free pick. I know that sounds like a stupid decision and honestly I doubt anyone would want to subscribe after this free fall I had in March, but I really don't have a choice. I was extracting all of the profit I made in each month and starting every new month fresh with a bank of 100 units. Obviously I've got nothing to extract now and I have to start April with a bank of 85 units which means I will have to have two decent months in a row just to erase this March disaster. So I am joining the market in order to attempt to boost my bank. I never used to sell picks so this is new to me and honestly I don't know if I'll be able to take that pressure but I am willing to try. Honestly I never really wanted to sell picks, I was pretty satisfied with the way things were going and I had a decent cash flow from betting alongside with the paycheck from the full time job I have. But like I said I'm in a difficult situation right now and I was even considering to stop betting (at least for a while) and utilize my bank elsewhere (or freeze it for a while). I will enable 7 day for free option so if you want please take that option to see if I am on the right track again. I will also post enough free quality picks but mostly 1 hour or less before the game start when I check the lineups and latest injury report.  I intend to make some changes from now on:  a.) I won't try to post a pick every day, instead I will look to post 30-45 picks per month which means I'll have days with 2-3 picks, but no more than that. This way I think I'll be able to improve my results as I will skip days when I struggle to find anything worth backing and/or days I feel tired. This doesn't mean I'll have periods of 4-5 days without a single pick, because I will rarely choose not to post anything, maybe 4-5 days per month.  b.) At one point during my Blogabet career I started posting mostly 1 unit plays (1% of the bank) which is a bit conservative considering the low volume of bets I had per month. That resulted with an average stake of 1.3 after 220 picks. Also I had good picks that were under staked and with one bad 2-unit play I was making a big step backwards. Anyway I will look to have an average stake of 2 units from now on. This is the stake model I will be using:  1 unit: free picks + occasional lower value paid pick 2 units: regular paid picks + occasional free pick posted right before the game start 3 units: bigger value than regular paid pick 4 units: pick of the month 5 units: pick of the year  c.) I will continue to post American sports picks at least three hours before the game starts and that way I will avoid waiting to check the latest injury news which means I will focus on the games where there are no questionable players. Best example for that is the game I was betting on last night. I backed Detroit hoping Whiteside and Wade won't play as both were questionable 3 hours before the tip off when I took that bet. Although Whiteside did not in fact play, Wade did and he had a monster game. Without him, bet might have been won. This is an excellent example of plays I will look to avoid from now on. I will also look to post football (soccer) and European basketball plays 3 hours earlier but this rule won't be firm as those games are scheduled much earlier. (I am on GMT+1 time). I will reserve the right to post those bets 2 hours earlier occasionally but not less than that in order for customers to get it on time.  Following are the rules I was blindly following so far and intend to do so in the future:  a.) Pinnacle is the only bookmaker I am using. I never had any problems with them and their prices are usually the best and limits really high, also taking picks from just one bookmaker will make it easier for my subscribers. No mickey mouse bookies that will limit you in a matter of days.  b.) High volume markets – although I can just as easily post picks from the lower leagues (my 1 unit is 50 €) this way there won't be any drastic price changes which means my subscribers will get more or less the same odds I take. Furthermore if there would be any high rollers they won't have problems following my picks.  If I figure something else in the next two days I will add it here.   At the end based on the characteristics of the service I am offering, subscription fee will be 50 € per 30 days. If you think that is not the fair price please feel free to comment or contact me on dailypicks@aol.com and if there should be anybody interested in this service please feel free to do the same.  Thank you for understanding and for your time reading this and once again I apologize for this month....
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    • fortunato @maxwell yes you are :) and I am really grateful, I will justify your confidence, first pick will be posted today in 12-14 hours from now @Mauro thank you for support and I understand your concern, but I am not really revolutionizing my system it is more like an evolution :D @kwhywtyung I understand your point of view but like I said I need to do this, I wouldn't have gone paid probably if I had a "normal" month and I do realize this might be a bit of a dick move, but it is also a fresh start and I'm still confident @pt-net I agree I didn't expect anybody to join, but I have to try this and I am confident I can prove you wrong :) just wait and see
      2 hours ago

    • GamblingGuru I enjoyed reading your post,your sincerity and integrity speaks loud,hopefully,you get back to winning soon too,I wish you best of luck with your service.
      I can't believe out of 265 followers only one subscribed,your result are still above average and better than of most tipsters around here.
      Will your paid selections have a preview more detailed than ones provided so far freely orbe in same writing style provided so far?
      I will try your free WEEK trial in couple of days once you post you are back in business,GL :)

      1 hour ago

    • fortunato Thank you sir, I will look to post more in-depth reasoning, for two reasons. First I want to further ensure my subscribers that there's proper and clear reason for taking a certain bet. Second reason is when somebody pays they need a strong background as they might use that information in the future, IMHO.
      18 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Bettingbros published new pick:

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    Odds verified!
    15935700 published new pick:
    Bet365  Combo pick » @ 2.94 2/10

    Football - Ger. RegionalligaSV Rodinghausen - Borussia Monchengladbach IIBorussia Monchengladbach II
    Football - Ita. Serie CPaganese - SalernitanaSalernitana +0.5
    Football - Ita. Serie CASD Santarcangelo - GrossetoASD Santarcangelo +1
    Football - Ita. Serie CJuve Stabia - SF Aversa NormannaJuve Stabia +0.25
    Football - Ita. Serie CCasertana - AS MelfiCasertana +0.25
    Tennis - WTASerena Williams - Sabine LisickiSerena Williams

    59 minutes ago   Like  Comment

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    • 15935700 Only statistically
      56 minutes ago

    • Germanlad SV Rodinghausen - Borussia Monchengladbach II is postponed because the pitch is maybe good enough for growing some potatoes, but not to play soccer on it... ;)
      26 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Krebskopf published new pick:
    Bet365  Combo pick » @ 5.03 4/10

    Football - Ita. Serie CPaganese - SalernitanaUnder 2.25
    Football - CroatiaNK Lucko - HNK Cibalia Vinkovci1X
    Football - CroatiaNK Bistra - NK Radnik SesveteUnder 2.5
    Good morning to all,   here a small combo from today: LUCKO-CIBALIA Cibalia in absolutely bad form and also heard about finacial crisis. Good chance for Lucko today and 1X the best offer.   BISTRA-SESVETE Bistra plays more defensively and has problems to score. Expekt a tough game today with no more than two goals. Last match between them few  weeks ago ended 0-2. PAGANESE-SALERNITANA H2H 22.11.14    LEG    Salernitana    Paganese    1 : 004.05.14    LEG    Paganese    Salernitana    1 : 022.12.13    LEG    Salernitana    Paganese    1 : 123.01.11    LEG    Paganese    Salernitana    0 : 013.09.10    LEG    Salernitana    Paganese    2 : 0...
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    Odds verified!
    May April bring the biggest wins in their entire betting "career" to everybody!GL and "green" month to all.

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    Odds verified!
    Bernd published new pick:
    Marathonbet  Argentina U21:Tahiti U21 in San Cristobal/Columbia » AHC-1 Argentina U21 @ 2.5 1/10
    Really nice Odds here. This game takes place on neutral venue and is the opening of the socalled "Copa Banana" Cup which is organized from some local Heroes of Medellin who own a Bananafarm and want to compete against Chiquita on the WorldMarket. However, no need to discuss that Argentina would win this game easiely under regular circumstances in more than 40% with more than one goal difference but there are also rumours that a lot of the Tahiti players travelled the last three days by bus through whole Columbia to come to the location in San Cristobal because the Navigation-System of the Bus had an technical error. i suggested the same bet in the biggest austrian forum and as you see i choose a stake of 1/10 but feel free to adapt your stake to your financial proportions - but hurry because those odds might drop!...
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    Odds verified!
    AzAlkmaar published new pick:

    7 hours ago   Like  Comment

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    • noahraffey nice one i respect your call, but i still believe tjandramulia can take this @7.50 ? she is better in terms of quality pf players she played against recently and gave them a tight match, just saying not to celebrate untill finished!
      6 hours ago

    • noahraffey congratz now$
      5 hours ago

    • madtilt I take @21....! Nice read!
      44 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    darkbluemoon published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Kamatamare Sanuki - Mito Hollyhock » Home 0 (Match) @ 2.39 10/10
    Sanuki is 2 wins and no losses at home this season,and in both winning games kept clean sheets. Mito is no wins and 2 losses at away, and got no goals in those games. The meetings of both teams last season were 2 scoreless draws. There are not many reasons why Mito is the favorite.Even if Sanuki is the favorite,I don't think it's strange. The only problem is Sanuki Numata's absence.He scored two goals this season. But I see the value on this odds. ...
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    4 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • sulohone i agree, arigato gozimasu!
      what you think about kanazawa?. they were promoted to J2 and are very good at home
      1 hour ago

    • darkbluemoon I think the same too.I picked Kanazawa's last home game against Yokohama,but I lost. And I can't see the value on Kanazawa's odds. So I will pass on that this time.
      50 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Tsheljabinsk published new pick:

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    • 2 people like this
    • CruyffNHL It's time for SKA to win the game. CSKA is definately better but I don't accept that Bikov's team will loss to zero. Whether Da Costa is ready to play? Good luck!
      1 hour ago

    • Tsheljabinsk That's pretty much my reasoning as well. He's 'day-to-day' but should not play today yet.
      58 minutes ago

    Odds verified!
    Junior Oloruntade published new pick:

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    GeniusTips published new pick:

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    • Osaka Odd has value definately , but think you are risking too much units there . Beroe is solid at home ,in good run as well . Loko get the 0-0 draw few weeks ago there , but Beroe missed the win. The same thing is expected here , and if Beroe fails to win i can see a draw again. Will be hard for Loko to win here. They have no ambitions till the end of the season , thats for sure , we can say the same thing about Beroe - but they have nice home support and Loko doesnt. Beroe will definately play for the fans to win games like that and to try to get spot for Europa League . Hard to achieve but still they will try . Loko have zero ambitions to achieve Europa League spot , they cant afford such a thing .They are a good team , playing good football but honestly - cant see them taking more than a point there IF they manage to get it . Under-ish game expected
      1 hour ago

    • Osaka Just my 2 cents about the game , good luck mate ;)
      1 hour ago

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    eldanielo wrote a new blog entry:
    Hello everyone!Hola a todos!Hallo an alle!We will present us shortly.We are two fulltime tippsters from Austria/apartment in Germany aswell (25 years, betting since 6 years) and Colombia (28 years, betting since 4 years).So our bets will mainly be from:- German/Austrian lower leagues (German 4th league + German Under-19-league mostly) - Colombia Primera A, B and Copa- youth games/tournaments in general- sometimes picks from other competitions like Copa Libertadores or Friendlies when teams are participating which we know well.All picks will be from asian bookmakers, rarely we will use bet365, when we use bet365 then only for livebetting.Most of the picks will be pregame but there will be also livepicks, we try to add analysis to every pick, if a pick wont be with analysis it can for example be in a tournament if we want to keep the informations for us for the next games of tournaments of the teams we betted against/on them or when we have no time for a writeup. GL!...
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    How can find best "Win rate" Tipsters? (Is this possible?)

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    Vladimir Mihaylov published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Middlesbrough - Wigan Athletic » Home -0.5 (1st Half) @ 2.24 10/10
    Fully motivated to take 3 points Boro try to take early advantage and keep calm till the end the game. Wigan are at 5 wins in a row away, but against Boro at Riverside will be hard event to think you can get something. Boro's seven remaining fixtures will be the biggest games so far of the players’ lives, according to Ben Gibson. Im so convicted at never before for this game! Good Luck !...
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    wd2952725 published new pick:
    PINNACLE  SKA St. Petersburg - CSKA Moscow » Home 0 @ 1.75 1/10
    Попробуем проверить, что СКА не влетит в серии 0-4)

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    how can i post "btts" picks ?

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    adminPT published new pick:
    Marathonbet  Garcia C./Srebotnik K. - Makarova E./Vesnina E. » Makarova E./Vesnina E. (Win-Match) @ 1.65 9/10

    Zohratosť/Skúsenosti - jasne na strane ruského páru, ktorý spolu hraje stabilne už 4 sezónu (vyhrali US Open, Roland Garros či IW), kdežto ich súperky sa dali do double len v tejto sezóne. Vzájomný zápas - odohrali pred pár dňami v IW, kde vyhral ruský pár bez straty setu. H2H síce 1:1, no pomalší hard v Miami (podobný ako v IW) sedí viac ruskej dvojici. Cesta turnajom - pár G/S v 2 zápasoch nestratil ani set, no hrali proti slabším double párom (postavenie - 1270 a 419), kdežto pár M/V stratil jeden set, no mal podstatne silnejšie double páry (postavenie - 166 a 52). Nasadenie - ruský pár tu obhajuje finále z minulého roku (2), pár G/S nasadený ako (8)....
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