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  • World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)

    Netherlands - Costa Rica

    pownage - Home (Match) @ 1.49 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    missed 1,50 odds here but nvm. netherlands with a huge morale boost after their 2 last minute goals against mexico. im 100% sure they will win this with their fast counter-attacks, costa rica cant defend this 90 minutes. they played poorly against greece and they went with 10 in overtime. this game costed a lot of ressources. it could be a close 1-0 or 2-0 win, but i dont think the win for netherlands is in danger at any time.

    ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)

    R Nadal - J Del Potro

    Scholes - J Del Potro ML @ 5.37 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

    I always has been saying that players like Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro are the most dangerous opponents for Rafa Nadal because the more stronger you're attack it is the more real chances you'll have against such a great defender like Rafa. The spaniard did won Wimbledon last year and being the defender champoin he should have plenty of motivation, anyway Rafa in every game is very motivated, but in this one only the motivation could not be enough as he will have to past a real difficult task. Del Potro is the player who still didn't achieved anything special in 2011, but if to draw some more attention to his latest games, then I could say that he did increased his level of form in a meaningful way. Del Potro has never been the best grass-courter, but the way he has played till now at Wimbledon speak about some essential improvement and here I mean the improvements certain on his pace and net play. Playing on thw own serve Rafa should be much more under pressure as he could face more difficulties due to his not so great serve and lack of flat shots. All in all, Rafa is still not playing his best and his most stable tennis for a quite long period already, even if he has won the French Open, his stability is not the same as it was in the past, maybe that will change in the future, there are no doubts, but certain is that at the moment there is sense to go against him. Good Luck!

    ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)

    A Murray - R Gasquet

    Scholes - 1 (-5 games) @ 1.99 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, I remember very well the last game between these players, the game from last year at French Open when Richard Gasquet was leading by two sets and has lost at the end. In that game Richard Gasquet had some healthy problems as otherwise he should had been the winner. Ok, that game was at French Open and has been played on clay, now we have a different situation as the surface differ a lot from clay to grass. Gasquet is a great clay-courter, there are no doubts about that, but on grass his level is not the same, in terms of rhythm and peace he should face some dificulties against a player like Andy Murray. IMO, this game should be a battle between Gasquet's attack and Murray's defence which if to speak certain on grass Murray has clear the essential advantages. I agree that Gasquet has been very impressive in the latest period, but every single game is a new task and playing against a much more difficult player and besides that on grass the frenchman should rather face some real dificulties. Good Luck!

    ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)

    R Nadal - A Murray

    Scholes - 1 (-7 games) @ 2.22 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players will play for the first time here at French Open. Andy Murray still have the ankle injury opened and that could affect him today as game after game this problem could be more serious. Rafael Nadal didn"t started too well this year his best tournament French open, but after his game against Robin Soderling he has showed that he is back in action as he has played much much better than in his first games. Well, speaking about the difference in style between thesee two players because IMO certain this is the most important aspect here, I just have to mentionate that Murray do not possess any dangerous quality against Rafa, Andy is a player who can defend very well, but when it comes to attack he is nothing else than just a medium player. On clay, Andy will alaways have very few chances against Rafa as the spaniard is the best defender in the world and only by being stable from the baseline you just can not have some real chances against a player like Rafa. All in all, Rafa has some very clear advantages in style against Andy, so he should be all in control for this game. Good Luck!

    WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)

    M Kirilenko - A Rus

    Scholes - 1 (-4 games) @ 1.99 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players are playing two clear different style of tennis. Maria Kirilenko is the player who defends, a defender one while Arantxa Rus is the player who attacks any time she has the chance to attack. The difference in terms of class between these two players is clear and so meaningful. there is a lot about Arantxa Rus victory against Kim Clijsters as she got overrated after that suprising win of course, but let me tell you that Kim has played with a such increased number of errors as he has destroyed her chances by herself. All in all. Kirilenko comes after a bad period and now at French Open she shows some signs of a better form, class should have the word here. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    F Verdasco - Ljubicic

    Scholes - 1 (-2.5 set) @ 3.5 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, after all Fernando Verdasco has started to play his tennis and IMO this is the perfect moment to go on his side as he is clear a much better player than the croat man Ivan Ljubicic who besides serve and powerful groundstrokes do not possess any other serious quality. Ljubicic is a player who depends a lot of his serve as in case that his game lacks the accuracy he has no other choices than to risk with the winners. Verdasco can play amaing tennis and we all know that, so this game will all be about how Verdasco will play, or better said how many errors will be in his play. Verdasco showed some stable and nice tennis so far here at French Open, so this is the moment to go on his side. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    M Fish - G Simon

    Scholes - 2 (2.5 set) @ 3.25 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, this is the end for Mardy Fish, belive me:), this player is not for clay, yes no doubts that he did well on this surface till now, but still he lacks many aspects for being a complete clay-courter. Gilles Simon is playing his best tennis on clay and he is also playing at home which is another advantage for him. Simon is a great defender who can play so stable from the baseline and can read so well the opponent's game as I really can't imagine Mardy Fish winning a set here. Simon is just clear much much better than Fish on clay, so very nice value here. Good Luck!

    WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)

    S Kuznetsova - I Begu

    Scholes - 1 (-4.5 games) @ 1.89 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, our today's odds surely have a lot of do with the last game between these two players, no doubts about that as Irina-Camelia Begu defeated in three sets Svetlana Kuznetsova at Marbella. Speaking about that game I just have to mentionate that the russian player purely didn't played not even closer to her real level, there were so many unforced errors in her play and the romanian player managed to get the victory due to all those errors. Now, the situation is just another one as Svetlana Kuznetsova is playing her normal tennis and in normal conditions she should surely have all the control for this game as she will play against Begu, a player not difficult at all for her level. Svetlana Kuznetsova can play amazing tennis on clay and now that she has started to play agin stable we should go on her side. Good Luck!

    Football - Other (27-11-2014) +10  1
    Estoril - PSV Eindhoven
    PSV Eindhoven @ 2 [10/10] SBOBET
    Football - Italy (30-11-2014) +3  1
    Gubbio - San Marino
    Gubbio @ 1.83 [3/10] Dafabet
    Handball - Champions L (29-11-2014) +2  1
    Meshkov Brest - La Rioja
    Meshkov Brest 1X2 @ 1.8 [4/10] BWIN
    Football - Spa. Segunda (30-11-2014) +2  1
    Zaragoza - Ponferradina
    Over 2.25 @ 1.95 [5/10] SBOBET
    Ice Hockey - Finland (27-11-2014) +2  1
    KALPA - Lukko
    DRAW 1X2 @ 3.95 [3/10] Marathonbet

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    Odds verified!
    justhockeyy published new pick:
    PINNACLE  San Jose Sharks - Calgary Flames » Home -0.5 (Reg Time) @ 1.83 5/10
    San Jose struggling in last period and i am very confident they will trash some opponent sooner or later.I truly believe it will be tonight.Deserved higher stake.

    23 seconds ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    basketballerQ published new pick:
    188bet  Orlando Magic - Golden State Warriors » Golden State Warriors -7 (AH-FTOT incl.) @ 1.84 2/10

    Golden State Warriors is hot. Seems like with Steve Kerr, new coach, first time NBA coach aka rookie coach is very good basketball minded guy who got many things going better than previous years for Golden State. This team is very atractive and Splash brothers - Curry & Thompson are just poor masters. Yesterday Curry had 40 point night vs Miami, Golden State did everything they want. Golden State are on 6 game winning streak, won teams like - Miami Heat, OKC, Utah, Lakers, Hornets, Brooklyn and I also think that Orlando they should handle. Golden State so far best Western Conference away team with 6-1 & Orlando at home is 2-4. I can`t see ways to Orlando stop Warriors, only problem is that main guys are struggling, but no, tjey are on great rhytme and that they played yesterday don`t botjer them, they had huge 4th quater lead and they rested guys earlier. I think GSW will go for 7th straight win....
    See more

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    ginobili published new pick:
    5dimes  Combo pick » @ 2.5 10/10

    Ice Hockey - NHLColorado Avalanche - Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks
    (Win-FTOT incl.)
    Ice Hockey - NHLDetroit Red Wings - Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Red Wings
    (Win-FTOT incl.)
    Detroit at home, Datsyuk is back and against a weak team in defense like the Flyers I expect Detroit scoring easily so the value is on the home side imo. Chicago playing away but against the Colorado, in a back to back and with Pickard on net. The best face of the Blackhawk seems to be back so lets trust them....
    See more

    3 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    macio published new pick:

    3 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • gekogg likes this
    • macio Zawisza:
      Last, 16th place, 16 games, 8 points, goals: 18-39
      Away games: 0-1-6. goals: 7-22.

      There is so much bad things happening right now in Bydgoszcz. Still conflict between owner Osuch and supporters. Last home game against solid team from Zabrze - 800 people (20 000 capacity).
      Osuch fired some players, moved some to reserves - there will be more as he said. Propably problem with money inside the club. Polish Football Association wants some documents to prove that.

      Vasco left club - used to be top Zawisza's scorrer, Geworgian (7/0 mid - bench player) + Petasz (7/1 mid - bench player, 2x minutes more on pitch that Gewo) + Argiriou (8/0 def) - all
      moved to reserves. Some days ago Silva left (only 4 matches played as I remember).
      Osuch fired also some people from club - fans only have negative emotions and call him

      Pinocchio - lol. He made an ultimatum, 10 points in 4 games or more people will be sacked-

      haha, yeah right 10 pts. (Do not know the day he said that, probably just before last round,

      because after 4 matches there will be break in PL league), so we have 3 matches left and 9pts

      left :D = all win. Jagielonia (current 5th - away), Śląsk (3rd - home), Podbeskidzie (10 -

      away). All I can say is: Nooo way man.
      All teams from club are in bad shape, main club, youngsters, reserves.

      Tomorrow I will write some more info.
      Jagiellonia have not won from 3 matches: draw, lost, lost - time to fix that. Home game

      against in-trouble Zawisza is the best option they might have.
      3 hours ago

    • gekogg I like this one and will folow ! GL !
      2 hours ago

    • jjokocza Tyle tekstu i tak naprawde 0 konkretnych argumentow, tzn. te problemy sie troche ciagna i mysle ze taki akt desperacji nie doprowadzi do gorszej sytuacji w Zawiszy, a otatnio nawet remis ugrali z Korona na fali, nic nie napisales o jadze a prawda taka ze oni maja na dzisiaj wieksze problemy w stosunku do powiedzmy 2 tygodni wstecz, jedynie co lubie to oddsy ciagle nie podoba mi sie tyle txtu, ludzie moga pomyslec w @#uj argumentow a tak naprawde tak nie jest
      1 hour ago

    Odds verified!
    put livebet combo on - Hornets,Toronto,Dallas,Milwaukee,Clippers to win games. odds were ~6.20

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    basketballerQ published new pick:
    LIVE 10bet  Oklahoma City Thunder - Utah Jazz » Utah Jazz (Win-FTOT incl.)(4:9) @ 2.65 3/10

    don`t see problems here for Utah to win injuroed OKC

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    DimitarHorozov published new pick:

    6 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    justhockeyy published new pick:
    LIVE Bet365  Detroit Red Wings - Philadelphia Flyers » Detroit Red Wings (1X2-FT)(0:0) @ 1.95 3/10

    One late bet,Detroit more fresh,Philadelphia little tired.I do not expekt balances game and believe in Detroit win.Small stakes anyway.Good luck if you follow.

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Carlos Arroyo
    any nhl tip?

    4 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    armsaloft published new pick:

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • armsaloft Probably last bet tonight (small chance I bet Grizzlies if line drops). Lost both early bets by 1 basket in the final seconds of the game - 3 bets yesterday lost by 2 points or less, not getting much luck in the College games at the moment
      1 hour ago

    Odds verified!
    Iglobetting published new pick:

    11 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Iglobetting  Won the training with ease today, he will be below 3.00 at the adjusted odds probably, not worth to take that odd, I don't know the adjusted odds yet but Matthias Mayer might be worth a shot, didn't expect him to finish top 3 in the training today after that crash 4 weeks ago...
      2 hours ago

    Odds verified!
    southerndandy published new pick:
    PINNACLE  San Antonio Spurs - Indiana Pacers » Home -13 @ 1.97 1/10
    The Spurs have been of since saturday and now they host a decimated Pacers team, that is without none of the starters from last year. There is just a massive difference in quality and these kind of games in San Antonio tend to end up in blowouts...
    See more

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Blackpol2015 published new pick:
    Dafabet  Atlanta Hawks-Toronto Raptors » 1 (+3.5 AH) @ 2 3/10
    I expect this game a lot of fighting and good measure, it is unlikely someone from rivals the big win. Consequently, the line on the game bookmakers "almost" true, try to explain why "almost". Wards Dwayne Casey currently occupy the leading position, having to its credit 12 wins, with only two defeats. And their last 11 matches, "Predators" won 10 times, while in the last 5 - matches ahead of their opponents by an average of 17 points, the rate is quite serious. Last time the team won in six matches to the yard in 2009, when the 26 - matches, scoring 22 victories. I think today, guests will be very hard to get "Victoria", given as Atlanta speaks at home parquet. Wards Mike Budenholzera at home "Filips- Arena" won 5 wins and only lost once, scoring with an average of 104.5 points, which is high. In addition, the owners are not hospitable to guests from Canada, Toronto conceded there for the last 10 meetings out of 12. Atlanta today produced an important victory over one of its direct competitors in the fight for the playoffs, beating in the US capital John Wall and his team 102-106. As I have already got used to see in the "hawks" in this game starred Jeff Teague, who has drawn his piggy bank 28 points. The main point guard in Atlanta for the last 3 games, opponents scored an average of 26.3 points. If we take the last three personal meetings with Toronto that "kid" is gaining 23.3 points. This season, the teams have met on the dance floor "Reptors" then the hosts were stronger and won with a score of 109-102, Jeff Teague scored 20 points. If you look at the statistics, we can see that over the spent 33 minutes on the floor, the player is very often at the free throw line. If you take the last 5 meetings, Teague has implemented 33 of 35 free throws, which is a very good indicator of the (almost 94% accurate throws)....
    See more

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    basketballerQ published new pick:
    Bet365  Combo pick » @ 2.18 3/10

    Basketball - NBAOrlando Magic - Golden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors
    (Win-FTOT incl.)
    Basketball - NBALos Angeles Lakers - Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies
    (Win-FTOT incl.)
    Basketball - NBAPhiladelphia 76ers - Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn Nets
    (Win-FTOT incl.)
    This is in my opinion safe combo for the night. All away teams should be able to take wins, Warriors should continue their winning streak, Memphis should also continue their amazing start in new season, games like vs Lakers are must wins, and if they want to hang out in 1st place they must win games like these. And Brooklyn win end their loosing streak 76ers will continue their loosing streak, what a great chance here. good luck...
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    Eduard Biel published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Atlanta Hawks - Toronto Raptors » Away -3 @ 1.87 5/10
    For a traditionally not big franchise, being in the spotlight and keep leading eastern conference must be a beautiful challenge for Toronto Raptors. They've got a chance here to get a new win in an always difficult Philips Arena. Atlanta it's an unselfish organisation, they always try to do their best specially at home [5-1], but considering tough victory yest in Washington a defeat here shouldn't be that painful for them tonight. I think Raptors rotation, dynamic, young, physical and talented should be able to take this....
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    hy gus, who know what happens at limira- franca basketball brasil?

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

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    indomable published new pick:
    LIVE 188bet  CA Rosario Central - CA Huracan » HT Away 0 (0:0) @ 2.13 7/10
    Huracan def playing better than Rosario, although this is a close ga,e and 1st h will prolly be 0-0

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

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    Robinspur published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Utah Jazz - Chicago Bulls » Away -4.5 @ 2.05 1/10
    Thibodeau just said in an interview that he is confident on rose and gasol playing that for me means an easy win for chicago as utah it's definitely very weak.

    2 days ago   Like  Comment

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    Madman published new pick:
    Bet365  Combo pick » @ 2.4 8/10

    Football - Costa RicaLimon FC - CS HeredianoOver 2.5
    Football - MexicoPachuca CF - Club Tigres de la UANLOver 1.5

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    chilenos published new pick:
    LIVE 188bet  Union San Felipe - Union Espanola » FT Home 0 (0:0) @ 1.89 3/10
    Total domination by San Felipe from the start and already missed 3 100% chances. Big value!

    3 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • OnlyTennis4You not better to take over 2 @2.20?
      3 hours ago

    • chilenos no, field is in terrible condition. Another 100% miss from USF. gk sanchez is already man of the match!
      3 hours ago

    • OnlyTennis4You ok thnx thats why odds are so high
      2 hours ago

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