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  • Sellers\' picks in XLS

    Sellers' picks in XLS

    Feb 24 2015, 08:00

    You can now download Sellers' picks in XLS file from their blogs.

  • World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)World Cup (05-07-2014, 15:00)

    Netherlands - Costa Rica

    pownage - Home (Match) @ 1.49 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    missed 1,50 odds here but nvm. netherlands with a huge morale boost after their 2 last minute goals against mexico. im 100% sure they will win this with their fast counter-attacks, costa rica cant defend this 90 minutes. they played poorly against greece and they went with 10 in overtime. this game costed a lot of ressources. it could be a close 1-0 or 2-0 win, but i dont think the win for netherlands is in danger at any time.

    ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 11:00)

    R Nadal - J Del Potro

    Scholes - J Del Potro ML @ 5.37 [7/10] (PINNACLE)

    I always has been saying that players like Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro are the most dangerous opponents for Rafa Nadal because the more stronger you're attack it is the more real chances you'll have against such a great defender like Rafa. The spaniard did won Wimbledon last year and being the defender champoin he should have plenty of motivation, anyway Rafa in every game is very motivated, but in this one only the motivation could not be enough as he will have to past a real difficult task. Del Potro is the player who still didn't achieved anything special in 2011, but if to draw some more attention to his latest games, then I could say that he did increased his level of form in a meaningful way. Del Potro has never been the best grass-courter, but the way he has played till now at Wimbledon speak about some essential improvement and here I mean the improvements certain on his pace and net play. Playing on thw own serve Rafa should be much more under pressure as he could face more difficulties due to his not so great serve and lack of flat shots. All in all, Rafa is still not playing his best and his most stable tennis for a quite long period already, even if he has won the French Open, his stability is not the same as it was in the past, maybe that will change in the future, there are no doubts, but certain is that at the moment there is sense to go against him. Good Luck!

    ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (27-06-2011, 07:00)

    A Murray - R Gasquet

    Scholes - 1 (-5 games) @ 1.99 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, I remember very well the last game between these players, the game from last year at French Open when Richard Gasquet was leading by two sets and has lost at the end. In that game Richard Gasquet had some healthy problems as otherwise he should had been the winner. Ok, that game was at French Open and has been played on clay, now we have a different situation as the surface differ a lot from clay to grass. Gasquet is a great clay-courter, there are no doubts about that, but on grass his level is not the same, in terms of rhythm and peace he should face some dificulties against a player like Andy Murray. IMO, this game should be a battle between Gasquet's attack and Murray's defence which if to speak certain on grass Murray has clear the essential advantages. I agree that Gasquet has been very impressive in the latest period, but every single game is a new task and playing against a much more difficult player and besides that on grass the frenchman should rather face some real dificulties. Good Luck!

    ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)ATP (03-06-2011, 07:00)

    R Nadal - A Murray

    Scholes - 1 (-7 games) @ 2.22 [10/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players will play for the first time here at French Open. Andy Murray still have the ankle injury opened and that could affect him today as game after game this problem could be more serious. Rafael Nadal didn"t started too well this year his best tournament French open, but after his game against Robin Soderling he has showed that he is back in action as he has played much much better than in his first games. Well, speaking about the difference in style between thesee two players because IMO certain this is the most important aspect here, I just have to mentionate that Murray do not possess any dangerous quality against Rafa, Andy is a player who can defend very well, but when it comes to attack he is nothing else than just a medium player. On clay, Andy will alaways have very few chances against Rafa as the spaniard is the best defender in the world and only by being stable from the baseline you just can not have some real chances against a player like Rafa. All in all, Rafa has some very clear advantages in style against Andy, so he should be all in control for this game. Good Luck!

    WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)WTA (28-05-2011, 09:30)

    M Kirilenko - A Rus

    Scholes - 1 (-4 games) @ 1.99 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, these two players are playing two clear different style of tennis. Maria Kirilenko is the player who defends, a defender one while Arantxa Rus is the player who attacks any time she has the chance to attack. The difference in terms of class between these two players is clear and so meaningful. there is a lot about Arantxa Rus victory against Kim Clijsters as she got overrated after that suprising win of course, but let me tell you that Kim has played with a such increased number of errors as he has destroyed her chances by herself. All in all. Kirilenko comes after a bad period and now at French Open she shows some signs of a better form, class should have the word here. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    F Verdasco - Ljubicic

    Scholes - 1 (-2.5 set) @ 3.5 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, after all Fernando Verdasco has started to play his tennis and IMO this is the perfect moment to go on his side as he is clear a much better player than the croat man Ivan Ljubicic who besides serve and powerful groundstrokes do not possess any other serious quality. Ljubicic is a player who depends a lot of his serve as in case that his game lacks the accuracy he has no other choices than to risk with the winners. Verdasco can play amaing tennis and we all know that, so this game will all be about how Verdasco will play, or better said how many errors will be in his play. Verdasco showed some stable and nice tennis so far here at French Open, so this is the moment to go on his side. Good Luck!

    ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)ATP (28-05-2011, 07:30)

    M Fish - G Simon

    Scholes - 2 (2.5 set) @ 3.25 [10/10] (Interwetten)

    Well, this is the end for Mardy Fish, belive me:), this player is not for clay, yes no doubts that he did well on this surface till now, but still he lacks many aspects for being a complete clay-courter. Gilles Simon is playing his best tennis on clay and he is also playing at home which is another advantage for him. Simon is a great defender who can play so stable from the baseline and can read so well the opponent's game as I really can't imagine Mardy Fish winning a set here. Simon is just clear much much better than Fish on clay, so very nice value here. Good Luck!

    WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)WTA (25-05-2011, 05:00)

    S Kuznetsova - I Begu

    Scholes - 1 (-4.5 games) @ 1.89 [1/10] (PINNACLE)

    Well, our today's odds surely have a lot of do with the last game between these two players, no doubts about that as Irina-Camelia Begu defeated in three sets Svetlana Kuznetsova at Marbella. Speaking about that game I just have to mentionate that the russian player purely didn't played not even closer to her real level, there were so many unforced errors in her play and the romanian player managed to get the victory due to all those errors. Now, the situation is just another one as Svetlana Kuznetsova is playing her normal tennis and in normal conditions she should surely have all the control for this game as she will play against Begu, a player not difficult at all for her level. Svetlana Kuznetsova can play amazing tennis on clay and now that she has started to play agin stable we should go on her side. Good Luck!

    Football - Ger. DFB Pokal (03-03-2015) +10  1
    Aalen - Hoffenheim
    Hoffenheim @ 1.85 [5/10] BWIN
    Handball - Germany (04-03-2015) +7  1
    Rhein Neckar Lowen - Kiel
    Kiel 1X2 @ 1.91 [6/10] BWIN
    Football - Other (07-03-2015) +2  1
    Rostov - Lokomotiv Moscow
    Rostov (+0) @ 3.25 [6/10] William Hill
    Football - Croatia (08-03-2015) +2  1
    Osijek - Hajduk Split
    Osijek (+0) @ 2.3 [5/10] Bet365

    Net profit in units March, 2015(-43)

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    * Premium tipsters, picks with verified odds only.
    Max 50 picks!

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    1. SerbianTi...+28%26. Annette54+9%
    2. Lapeno+27%27. Knipser+9%
    3. croton+25%28. djone+9%
    4. zizou1006...+23%29. Reckoner+9%
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    25. skandinav...+10%50. paralias+6%
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    tsoprano wrote a new blog entry:
    Seriously looking good after 50 picks  +193units profit ; 39% yield ; winrate 52% ; average odd 3.50 But in future (long term) i will try to increase only profit.what you suggest me? 

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    • turkezy You mean 25 picks?
      29 minutes ago

    • tsoprano stakes here is 1-10
      you cant plays other systems;
      no i mean 50 as you can see on my blog
      all professional tipsters have some systems which use, so i have my which is good for now
      8 minutes ago

    • samopozitiva nothing proffessional on this blog..

      pumping your YIELD and PROFIT on shitty bookies..
      double every pick -_-

      and how much i know, you cant bet in unibet, tipico, expekt cause you are from serbia, and this bookies dont receive more customers from ''balkan'' ;)

      1 minute ago

    Odds verified!
    JosephKrudgich published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Busan KT Sonicboom - Dongbu Promy » Under 144.5 @ 1.99 1/10
    The last game of a season and special value has no. At least for Sonic Boom which didn't get to playoff. As for guests of Dongbu Promy, I think that they too especially won't strain since they already in playoff and all thoughts have to be there. In the last games owners played to almost alternating casts. To leaders allowed to play no more than 10 minutes. Today, perhaps, at all there will be no leaders on a platform, one youth, so to speak. But it not the main reason for which I put this rate. In this season of team six times among themselves met. And in one of these matches they didn't score more than 140 points. Because today, perhaps, there will be changes in structures of both teams, total, think and today won't break through....
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    Odds verified!
    Burkinabet published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Al Shabab Riyadh - Pakhtakor » Away +0.5 (Match) @ 2.03 5/10
    Al Shabab is not doing as well as last season and Rafinha looks not so good. The visitors from Uzbekistan have won the first game against Naftan and I expect them at least to get one point and by the way they performed at first they could even win this one....
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    5 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    JosephKrudgich published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Seoul SK Knights - Jeonju KCC Egis » Home -9.5 @ 2.02 1/10
    Seoul Knights the third team in league and in case of a victory can move on the second that would be convenient in further playoff. The team powerful and well plays in protection. On the platform it is almost invincible. KCC Egis - team which lost playoff, has now big problems. At first there went to America the leader of the Wilkerson team (17,9 ppg, 7,4 rb), then appeared hearing about opportunity expel of four more players. Generally, now you won't envy team. In last game lost to team in 15 points which is on the seventh place also at home. There has to be a convincing victory of owners....
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    37 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    iShare published new pick:
    Bet365  Miami Heat - Phoenix Suns » Miami Heat -2.5 (AH-FTOT incl.) @ 1.95 2/10

    Dragic now will face verus his previous and lately team Phoenix Suns, he will be on mission tonight, haha. This Mimi handicao I`m mostly taking because few reasons - 1) Wade is playing - this is very important key of Miami wins, he is heart of this team for years, with or without Lebron. 2) Home floor Phoenix trades  - Miami at home play /- good and have for years success vs Phonix Suns & Phoenix trades gives me message that they are little bit worried and letting people know that playoffs won`t be for them, Dragic away, Isiah Thomas away, and really they just got important player back Knight. I really want also for Miami to win because I love OKC and this loss for them could help me more, haha. I like Miami chances here, Deng, Whiteside, Wade, Dragic, Haslem. ...
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    8 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    KK-badminton-soccer-volleyball published new pick:
    Bet365  Sho Sasaki - Hans-Kristian Vittinghus » Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (Win-Match) @ 1.72 10/10

    Sho not in good shape last year and a half,last week he crashed agains another Danish player ( Jan O Jorgensen ) I can see this game in only one direction. Real odds in my eyes 1.33 max 1.4 in Vittinghus favour ! ...
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    50 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Julinho published new pick:
    Bet365  BC Zenit Saint Petersburg - BC KhimkyMoscow Region » BC KhimkyMoscow Region (Win-FTOT incl.) @ 1.52 3/10

    Since 2011, these teams have seen their faces on the court 14 times. H2H is 12-2 for Khmki. Khimki has a very decent team. They are first on their league where Zenit is third some games behind.  Khimki's squad is way stronger than Zenit's. They've got players like Rice, Monia,Honeycutt, Koponen... They'll try to win this competition after not being able to qualify for Euroleague. The goals for this team are winning Eurocup and try to fight CSKA on the domestic league. They've recently signed Victor Claver from the NBA, but he will not plau Eurocup games.  ...
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    Odds verified!
    Bet2WinAdmin published new pick:
    188bet  Bari-Catania » 1 (-0.25 AH) @ 1.75 7/10
    Bari will have 30k people in stadium. Catania will miss a lot of players - and they are in a bad form. Hope they will easily lose as they will play with youngsters !!!

    45 minutes ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    MrCrusher published new pick:
    Bet365  Combo pick » @ 1.83 6/10

    Basketball - NCAATexas Longhorns - Baylor BearsBaylor Bears +10
    (AH-FTOT incl.)
    Basketball - NCAAIowa State Cyclones - Oklahoma SoonersIowa State Cyclones
    (Win-FTOT incl.)

    13 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    E-Sports Dota 2 published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Empire (map 1) - Navi (map 1) » Home (Match) ML @ 1.53 4/10
    Empire v Navi Champions League Groupstage Game 1 of Bo2 This one could be considered the e-sports european Superclasìco since Empire and Navi are two of the three most famous and dominant Dota2 organizations in the old continent. Probably Navi still has the fame to be considered a tier 1 team by many tournaments but they actually are going to be surpassed in the next weeks by raising stars HR and NiP and they will definitely fall out of the european Top 5. Chances for Empire are lose to 75% imho so slight value but still value....
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    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Ace1 published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Edward Corrie - Vincent Millot » Away (Match) ML @ 1.85 1/10
    Corrie is a itf-player in my opinion. He hasnt special skills and plays from time to time a challenger. In last two weeks he lost two time against Teixeira and survive the qualifying for this tournament against two week player. Millot has many experience indoor hard with more than 200 matches. He should be very motivated, because he have to defending the final from last year. The home adavantage at France is important two. So i see the starting odds with 1,69 more realistic than the odds now....
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    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    BWeh published new pick:
    Unibet  HC Milano Rossoblu - HC Valpellice » HC Milano Rossoblu -1.5 (AH-FT) @ 2.28 1/10

    Hockey » Italy » Serie A » Milano - Valpellice HC Milano Rossoblu is really strong playing at home while HC Valpellice has a poor record away. 

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    Hello friends, I'm ready for tomorrow 2 tips. Of course, one of them certainly publish.I will try to continue the same quality that gives tips now.if anybody interested in a second tip, so I may or may not contact ma Paytenniscalcio@gmail.comI wish you good luck :)...
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    Odds verified!
    Wolves x2 seems to be must play option, but I'm not a specialist in Championship. Maybe anyone has some thoughts about it?

    1 hour ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    iGylinedog wrote a new blog entry:
    New season ahead (2015 MLB Regular season)
    New season ahead (2015 MLB Regular season):  Hi, guys MLB regular season is coming i'd like to post how things are going to work here.  1. There's going to be a span when everyone who want my service is going to be able to buy my service. Why is this? As i've already posted it, it's just a way to keep the control of potential subscribers. So my stats for the month is going to be the stats for my subscribers in that month — I know, I know, maybe this is not true due to drop odds but, What can I do? — .  2. I don't know how many picks we will have. This seems pretty obvious, How could you know? So there’s not volume commitment.  3. The price is 39€/month. No long option. Month to month, even when I work through the regular season.  4. Im not gonna post any picks further than 10 PM (Berlin time) that's for sure. Normally, I’ll have the pick early at the morning. In a gap between 8 am — 2pm.  5. Sometimes I write and analyze sth (Saber-metric analysis) for some USA Webs and papers about MLB (Not telling any names, Anyway), so there may be times when I may not be able to respond your request( to my email) right away but I’ll try to answer as soon as I can. The vast majority of my analysis are for Fantasy purpose there in USA (Mock Draft, Daily lineup…)  6. Pinnacle sport. All the picks there.  And finally...It's been a long winter for me. Too much time without Baseball... I'm eager to pick up where we left the last season.  One more things guys, I’d like to know those of you who may be interested in joining  my group. If you are interested, you can leave a comment here with your email so i can reach you and fill you in when Im going to open the service so you can sign, or you can send me a PM with your email.  If you have other questions, you can get in touch with me in igylinedog@gmail.com or by PM.  see ya! iGylinedog.  ICYMI: Here my stats from last season (Only regular season taken into count) :  Sport: MLB Bookie: Pinnacle Number of picks: 129  Profit: 33 units Yield: 17 %  Stake avg: 1.8  Odd avg: 1.83...
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    Odds verified!
    PayTENNIScalcio published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Casey Dellacqua - Su-Wei Hsieh » Home -4 Games (Match) @ 1.86 10/10
    WTA Kuala Lumpur - R1. Well Hsieh here before two year just beat Casey, but it was under different conditions and complete the other game situation. Both tennis players are weak on their service, which means that the game would be a lot of breaks. Casey this season is not quite right in terms of its games, but managed to take hundreds of players in like Venus, Keys, Safarova, which are tennis players who have very good service. She is strong on returns and these conditions are ideal for the game. Hsieh although these tropical conditions which in Kaula Lumpur Lords used to, so she changed the surface compared to last year and the year before at a slightly faster with less rebound, which in certain constellation when the game should be a problem. Hsieh needs a fast surface with a higher bounce, because the ball plays later after impact. 95/5% for my point of view Casey Dellacqua...
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    Odds verified!
    Berat published new pick:
    YOUWIN  Combo pick » @ 3.23 10/10

    Football - AsiaKashiwa Reysol - Becamex Binh Duong FCHome by 2+
    (Win Margin-FT)
    Football - AsiaSeongnam Ilhwa Chunma - Gamba OsakaUnder 2.5
    You guys should try this combo coupon. Good luck.

    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    • Berat Japan team is much much better than Vietnamese team. Not too difficult for them win by +2 handicap.
      2 hours ago

    • Berat Second match is again from Asia champions league. Both teams are like to play controlly so I don't expect more than 2 goals in this game.
      2 hours ago

    Odds verified!
    lowprofile published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Aston Villa - W.B.A » Away +0.25 (Match) @ 1.71 8/10
    Aston Villa is on a poor run of form... West Brom on the other hand seems much better... So I see has a very unlikely situation a loss for the visitors... As an extra info I see here a low scoring affair... ...
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    2 hours ago   Like  Comment

    Odds verified!
    eastlander published new pick:
    Bet365  Arsenal Tula - Gazovik Orenburg » Under 2.25 (O/U-FT) @ 1.73 3/10

    Cup gives to the teams European places - so fight will be hard. Arsenal Tula sits 12th in Premier League, and Alenychev knows that avoiding relegation is more important at the moment. Still he knows that Cup might be a salvation for his team so will do everything to pass today. Arsenal Tula winter transfers: Arrivals: Muha (GK, Krylya Sovetov), Korytko (DF, Shinnik), Hagush (DF, BATE) Departures: Votinov (ST, Tosno). Main problem for the Arsenal is lack of good striker. If goalie and defence they could strenghten with experienced players, then a good striker Alenichen couldn't find. And this will be decisive moment for the team fight to avoid relegation and passing through the Cup (today's match). Arsenal have Lepskiy (MF) and Maloyan (ST 14/2) with health problems. Last one will be sub and amybe will come in 2nd half. Ershov (DF) is long time injured. Winter friendlies were most underish with good oponents. Alenychev said: Team is not fully ready. I expect fewer football today and more fight. Very hard match for both of teams. Last year we won by luck Orenburg with 2 scored penalties. Also pitch is poor. Gazovik Orenburg they sit 5th in FNL and are chasing play offs for promotion in Premier League. This is maybe the most disciplined team in this League, very organized and changed very little in winter - so same system will be mantained. Gazovik winter transfers: Arrivals: Vorobyov (MF, Dinamo Sankt Petersburg), Umarov (ST, Dinamo Sankt Petersburg). Departures: Voronkin (MF, Sahalin). All in one Gazovik has a very decent team, experienced goalie Abakumov, defenders Andreev, Poluyahtov and Oyevole also. Middfield is maybe strongest in FNL. 90% of the players are let's say so - experienced but old. Gazovik also plays with little rotation, so today more or less same players will be on field. Stadium ~ 7000 fans (100 guest fans). Weather: -1C (feels like -5C), cloudy, little snow. Pitch: Conclusion: Like previous day, i expect few goals. Result is more important than football so both teams are coming after winter preparations and this match will give tonality to all the spring. Low scoring match, with penalties....
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    Aleksei published new pick:
    PINNACLE  Seoul SK Knights - Jeonju KCC Egis » Home -9 @ 2 10/10
    Guests will play without the main import today - american Wilkerson (17.4 pts+7.1 rbs). This is the main player in fight "in the paint" and simply the leader in the collected points. Knights without injuries + again returned themselves confidence in the forces after 2 victories in succession over Anyang and Dongbu. The victory over Dongbu has an important strategic importance, as again there was an opportunity to take the second place (deprives of the first round of the playoffs), so the motivation high and a spirit will be corresponding on this game. One more moment which instills confidence in a rate is the last internal game of rivals on a gym of Nights - 09.12 Egis benefited 82:72 here, the revenge is popular in Korea champ in such matches....
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